Zero Waste Camps in Belgium: How to support and train youth movements to go zero waste

Joint Press Release: Broad alliance urges EU Parliament to protect consumers from dangerous or illegal products sold via online marketplaces of Amazon, AliExpress & Co.

ZWE regrets the European Commission’s decision of not including municipal incinerators in the EU ETS revision

Sorting residual waste is necessary to mitigate climate change

Design for “Chemical Recycling” kills innovation upstream

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#ZWEdebunks: Extending the EU Emissions Trading System to municipal solid waste incineration

May for Members

The ‘Biomonitoring of Incineration Emissions’ campaign

Italy and the EU must take back waste dumped in Tunisia now. Environmental groups: “Further delay is unacceptable”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the waste management system in Ukraine and what problems in this area have been identified

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Recycled plastics balancing on a thin line with the ‘mass balance approach’

EU ETS and municipal incinerators: a quick debunk of industry claims

Meet the Mission Zero Academy: an accelerator of ambitious zero waste transitions at the local level


International Women’s Day 2021

Italian Company Caught Illegally Dumping Plastic and other Municipal Waste in Tunisia

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Press Release: Zero Waste Europe and ECOS to the European Commission: “‘Mass balance approach’ blocks ambitions for increased recycled content in plastics”

Why we need a Bloody Manifesto in Europe

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Press Release: Zero Waste Europe welcomes European Parliament’s strong actions towards a decarbonised and circular EU economy

Chemical Recycling: underwhelming and oversold

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Press Release: Beverage carton recycling rates substantially lower than reported

Press Release: Just Transition Fund moves away from false waste management solutions but will it direct funding to circular ones?

Press Release: Regional Development & Cohesion Funds: a step in the right direction for the circular economy

Press Release: CSOs call for allocation of Recovery and Resilience Facility funds to a transition towards an economy that prevents products from becoming waste

How to save my hometown and Asia: The past and future of global waste trade

Press Release: Independent analysis reveals reusable packaging up to 85% more climate-friendly than single-use

Press Release: Hazardous chemicals associated with food packaging found in the body – new research across Europe calls for a strong legislative response

Press Release: Zero Waste Circular Economy, a solid investment for Sustainable Finance

Keeping large numbers of people safe with circular masks – the story of Eta Beta

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This Black Friday: Choose Reuse

Waste incineration and the UK Emissions Trading Scheme

Exploring zero waste trends in Europe

Zero Waste: A Lifestyle, A Solution, A Card Game?

Statement on the need for a new strategy for residuals within a circular economy

Incineration produces more persistent organic pollutants than it destroys – for less toxics we need less incineration

Meet our members – Ziedine Ekonomika

Putting heads together on recycling

Press Release: Keep Waste-To-Energy out of the EU Taxonomy Regulation

No Time To Waste: Consumption and the Cost for the Climate

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No Time To Waste: Plastic Production and Fossil Gas

No Time To Waste: Plastic Pollution and the Climate Crisis

No Time To Waste: Waste Management & Methane

Zelena akcija journey towards Plastic Free July

Press Release: A Just Transition has to be Circular, Members of the European Parliament agree

No Time To Waste: The Climate Impacts of Incineration and Waste-to-Energy

How to reach the 10% landfilling goal without waste incineration?

Tara and the Magic Tree: a journey in the world of zero waste

Meet our members – Zero Waste Belgium

Chemical recycling in the US: a Trojan horse for plastic-to-fuel

Chemical Recycling legislation should take a precautionary approach to ensure prevention measures remain at the core of the EU’s Circular Economy promises

Dare to imagine a better future… starting with plastic

EU Promotes Greater Global Responsibility on Plastic Waste – But Not for Internal Market!

Press Release: The packaging free shops market is on the rise, now it’s time for policy measures to support it

How to avoid chemicals in your food packaging

Meet our members – Zero Waste Latvija

New reusable and sustainable solutions in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic

Food waste, let’s talk about consumers

Can the European Union support waste prevention without proper legislation?

Joint press release: Tackling Europe’s food waste problem – bio-based industries offer innovative solutions

Meet our members – Alianza Residuo Cero

Living better, living waste free

Press Release: Building a bridge strategy for residual waste. Material Recovery and Biological Treatment to manage residual waste within a circular economy

FAQ on COVID-19 and zero waste

From Farm to Fork: Moving to short food chains

Meet our members – VOICE Ireland

The Netherlands move one step closer to better separate collection of plastic

Zero Waste Europe statement on waste management in the context of COVID-19

MEPs seeks answers on waste incineration

Zero Waste Europe Open letter to EU leaders

9 tips for a zero waste lockdown

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Press Release: Unwanted toxic flame retardants preventing circularity and increasing fire toxicity

Covid-19 and what it means for our team, for consumers, and for zero waste globally

Understanding the carbon impacts of Waste to Energy incineration

Managing waste to fight climate change

Press Release: The Circular Economy Action Plan, a beautiful patchwork of initiatives pointing in the right direction

Press Release: Waste-to-Energy is incompatible with climate mitigation: the EU takes a stand

Empowered women empower women!

Meet our members – Friends of the Earth Cyprus

Press Release: The 10% Landfill target works against the Circular Economy. The paradox of percentages versus weight

Press Release: Scientists and civil society speak out: chemicals in food packaging are making us sick

Dissolution of association Zero Waste Europe

Hidden temperatures: messy measurements lead to increased emissions from Waste-to-Energy incineration

End of an error? Are we seeing UK decision-makers saying goodbye to waste incineration?

Press Release: El camino hacia el residuo cero pasa por la reutilización, el Sistema de Depósito de envases de bebidas y la recogida selectiva de calidad del 80% de la materia orgánica

No more shame: a call for the EU and Member States to adopt an ambitious strategy on single-use menstrual products, nappies and wet wipes

Meet our members – Zelena Akcija (Green Action) / Zero Waste Croatia

Looking for a read to warm up the winter?

Press Release – Climate Bonds Initiative all ready to undermine the circular economy and increase climate change

The Story of Too Good To Go

Press Release: Loopholes in the SUP Directive The current material substitution strategy could defeat the very purpose of the directive

Press Release: transition to a toxic-free circular economy in the carpet industry still a distant reality

Are you ready for 2020? Our #WinterWasteWishes collection for a winter season, and a year, without waste!

Meet our members – Zero Waste Montenegro

What happened at COP25 in Madrid?

Ready to lead Europe towards a zero waste future

The European Green Deal

The Story of Unverpackt

Greenwash in the UK carpet industry with only around 2% reused or recycled

Meet our members – Let’s do it Macedonia!

Black Friday: consumption for consumption’s sake?

Press Release: Up in smoke – dirty secrets of UK carpet recycling revealed

Press Release: 10 priorities to transform EU Waste Policy

A Danish fiasco: the Copenhagen incineration plant

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Environmenstrual week: reflections from Ukraine

A story of hidden emission: the case of Sant Adrià de Besós Incinerator.

Chemical recycling won’t solve the plastic crisis

Burning waste alongside coal? Citizens say no.

Press Release – Can we speed up the transition?

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Spotlight to the Ocean this World Maritime Day

How to beat incineration: a story from Portugal

Press Release – The Circular Plastics Alliance, a missed opportunity

Leaving a Better World for Future Generations

Joint NGO Statement – Ten Priorities for the Taxonomy Consultation

From farm to fork, fighting climate change is actually possible

Communities and Climate Change: how a zero waste approach can take us closer to zero emissions

Burning waste turns the climate on fire!

The Story of Sălacea

Looking for a summer read?

Burning news: Waste-to-Energy is not sustainable as it harms the Circular Economy

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Press Release: El Dorado of Chemical Recycling, State of play and policy challenges

Incineration is getting in the way of recycling and zero waste

Shift your perspective with “SILO” – A food system for the future

Our journey towards Plastic Free July

The Collectors’s project: how European waste collection systems can benefit from the multitude of practices available in Europe

Plastico? No Gracias! The Facebook group Zero Waste España launched a week to boycott plastic food packaging

Are You Ready For Summer?

The not-that-well hidden risks of incineration: the case of the Danish Norfors Plant

Deposit Return Systems: an effective Instrument towards a Zero Waste Future

Press Release: European organisations call for prioritisation of sustainable food policy by new Commission President and Vice President

Spotlight on Sustainable Development: reshaping governance to reduce the production and consumption of plastics

Plastic Bag Free Campaign in Ukraine: from a local initiative to a national campaign

Go for reusables in July

Meet our members – Hnutí DUHA

Waterkant 2019: a festival truly Zero Waste

The story of REC: The hidden emissions of the youngest Dutch incinerator

The story of PHENIX: a recipe to effectively enforce food waste reduction targets

Meet our members – Polish Zero Waste Association

“A Fistful of Rubbish”: a new Western documentary set in the Tabernas

Press Release: A Zero Waste hierarchy for Europe

A Zero Waste hierarchy for Europe

Does Plastic Make Us Sick?

Open letter to the lead candidates for the role of European Commission President

Plastic is a Part of the Global Climate Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight

UN decides to control global plastic waste dumping

The Story of RePack, A simple solution to the growing problem of e-commerce waste

Meet our members – Zero Waste Switzerland

From Cyprus to Slovenia – the People’s Design Lab workshops made waves all over Europe!

Discarded: Communities on the Frontlines of the Global Plastic Crisis

The FoodWIN Food Waste festival: what are the solutions to effectively tackle food waste?

EU politicians pledge to make Europe zero waste

Zero Waste France takes on the reconstruction of Ivry-Paris incinerator

Revolutionary: Zlarin becomes the first Croatian plastic-free island!

Recycled carbon fuels: governments’ rush puts circular economy and climate mitigation at stake, warns new briefing

Kiel 2019: a milestone for Zero Waste Cities in Germany

Meet our members – Za Zemiata

Cohesion Fund: the European Parliament votes to help Europe’s most needy regions go circular

Moving up! New study calls for sectoral waste prevention indicators to drive the Circular Economy

EU funds can save 14 countries from missing the circular economy targets, suggests new report

Challenge Plastic Waste: take part in the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition

Tyranny of the Minority Slows International Progress on Addressing Plastic Pollution

Friends of the Earth Cyprus post-parade recycling operation in Limassol, Cyprus

Too Precious for the Bin: a Recipe for Food Waste Prevention!

Periods: time to ditch the disposables

Zero Waste Cashel wins silver at the LAMA Awards for Best Waste Management

Meet our members – Ecologists without Borders

Paradise lost? EU funds to polluters will trash some of the world’s most beautiful islands

Fixing the EU WEEE legislation: why and how the EU should say “no” to export?

Tips for a zero waste Carnival

A zero waster’s love story: reconciling different habits

European Parliament steps forward to stop burning EU funds

Waste incineration? Let’s not burn our bridges!

Three new Zero Waste municipalities in Croatia!

Meet our members – Zero Waste Austria

EU moves to ban microplastics in most products

Food Systems: a ‘recipe’ for food waste prevention

We wish you a merry Christmas – and a zero waste one!

1 week to Christmas – Relax and don’t waste food

EU agrees unprecedented cuts to single-use plastics

Meet our members – Ecological Recycling Society (ECOREC)

2 weeks to Christmas – The Gift of Time

eReuse: how to dramatically increase reuse and recycling rates in the WEEE sector

Zero Waste Study Tour 2018: turning the Circular Economy vision into reality

3 weeks to Christmas – ZERO plastics Christmas

Carpet producers support mandatory action to make the sector go circular

4 weeks to Christmas – Zero Waste Presents

Citizen initiative ‘For Clean Sofia without Incineration’ provides the European Investment Bank with 7 good reasons to stop financing a new incinerator

Hidden emissions from waste incineration: new case study reveals dangerous breaches

EU Parliament and Commission firm on cutting plastic pollution, governments must follow

Zero Waste reaches the Baltic sea!

National and regional environmental groups unite their strength to form “Alianza Residuo Cero”, a Zero Waste alliance in Spain

On the path to Zero Waste Cities – the case of Organic Waste, International Conference in Brussels

Meet our members – UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

Single-use plastics?
We must talk PERIOD

Food Waste Prevention : Bruges says “no” to food floating down its canals

The Environment Committee votes to cut funding for incineration

European Parliament takes historic stand against single-use plastic pollution

Zero Waste France exposes fast foods failing to sort waste

Meet our members – Zero Waste North West

Plastic producers could market single-use items as reusable to dodge EU ban

Žiedinė Ekonomika leads a Lithuanian delegation to discover how food waste is treated in North Italy.

People’s Design Lab Contest 2018

Meet the FreiburgCup: paving the way for zero waste coffee to go

Global cities support Zero Waste pledge but avoid consistent commitments

Zero Waste Circular Economy – A Systemic Game-Changer to Climate Change

Coffee to go? Freiburg says tschüss to single-use cups!

Clean up the beach… and improve brand image!

Meet our members – Amigos de la Tierra

Plastic crisis: taxes are vital to cut pollution, but EU plans fall short, new study finds

“Mothers NO Incinerator”, for a breath of fresh air

So-called “bioplastics” won’t solve the plastic pollution problem

Recircle: who said that take-away food cannot be zero waste?

Revealed: Unreported and harmful emissions from incinerators across England

International Plastic Bag Free Day – actions around the world

Zero Waste France’s festival grows bigger and stronger

EU Parliament backs microplastic bans to tackle plastic pollution

How to make your kids’ party plastic-free, and have fun

Madrid plans to phase out incineration by 2025

Plastic pollution: countries show their true colours on the International Plastic Bag Free Day

Food to go? Bye bye to single-use containers! – New Case Study

Virtuous Municipalities to Starbucks: please do not use disposable cups in Italy

The Conscious Cup Campaign: a citizen-driven zero waste solution

Member States to phase-out subsidies to incineration, separate collection obligations prevail

Let Europe export only the practices we are proud of

Interview: Hotel Ribno – The first zero waste hotel in Slovenia

European Commission steps forward to cut on single-use plastics – but it’s just the beginning

#IAmCoco: An award-winning campaign from Rezero

NGOs call the Commission to protect citizens from endocrine disruptors

Renewable energy proposal boycotts the EU Plastic Strategy and the Circular Economy

Disco Soup: curbing food waste by throwing a better party

First Slovenian Hotel on the Zero Waste path — Hotel Ribno

Is the last-order bell sounding on single-use plastics?

Zero Waste Europe and partners call on the EU to exclude plastic-to-fuel from the Renewable Energy Directive

New tax on non-recycled plastic packaging waste will fail to address the plastic pollution crisis

Thank you for (not) smoking: a story from Matera

The Nordics addiction to incineration fuels the controversy on renewable energy

The Circular Economy Package is approved, now it is time to make it real

Rethink Plastic challenges the European Parliament to break free from plastic bottles

Plastic packaging failing to prevent food waste crisis, new study finds

Tackle beach pollution at source, not just with annual litter pick-ups

Beyond single-use plastic: a new era for European businesses is within reach

Citizens’ pressure convince UK government to introduce deposit schemes for beverages

Eat it, don’t waste it! Best blogs on foodwaste in Central Europe

Wrapping your head around overpackaging – and taking action

Rising to the challenge of plastic Freebruary

9 reasons why we better move away from waste-to-energy, and embrace zero waste instead

Cheaper and more efficient? The positive effects of pay-as-you-throw and kerbside collection

A farewell to roadside containers in Barcelona?

Europe at crossroads: After the Chinese ban on plastic waste imports, what now?

Sardinia paves the way towards Zero Waste on islands

Bulgaria’s Air Pollution Problem: Could it get any Worse?

Parma and the Zero Waste Masterplan

The European Parliament halts perverse subsidies to energy from mixed waste

The European Commission steps forward to reduce plastic pollution

An active local community, a contaminated hen and a dirty industrial process: a story from Monselice

In Mexico: time to end ‘sacrifice zones’

French city of Besançon saves €800,000 through extensive use of decentralised composting

Legislation: a clear solution to plastic pollution

Circular Economy? Member States want it ‘despacito’

New year, new beginnings: Will the Commission deliver an ambitious Plastic strategy?

Veolia, a European company exporting trouble

Case study: “We have a right to breathe clean air”

Circular Economy for the young? Lithuanian NGO takes zero waste to school

From Portugal to Bulgaria: People join the fight against wasteful products

Press release: Industry MEPs vote to exclude subsidies for waste-to-energy from mixed waste

Time to wake up and smell the coffee: 6 zero waste coffee solutions

A victory for clean air and zero waste in Madrid, still pending implementation

The dirty business of waste-to-energy subsidies: a story from Bilbao

A final push on the Waste Directive: our letter to the European Ministries

Europe must design economic incentives fit for a circular economy

“Deliver or pay”, or how waste incineration causes recycling to slow down

The Environment Committee’s vote on Renewable Energy confirms its commitment to Circular Economy

Have blogs replaced Grandmothers, and how does this relate to food waste?

Buying things may feel good…

Copenhagen goes all in on incineration, and it’s a costly mistake

Sardinia rocks at waste management! We went on a field trip to discover why.

Big VICTORY: Under public pressure, waste incinerator was kicked out of the Spatial Plan of Zagreb!

MEPs seek answers over burning waste

Zero waste leaders share best practice in Lithuania

Letter to the European Parliament ENVI Committee on RED

Zero Waste Europe to the European Commission: let’s use plastics only when it makes sense

Sign-on Letter to the Green Climate Fund

Cleaning our way out of our plastic crisis: coastal cleanups and beyond

4 reasons why recycling is better than incineration

How a simple 40-day experiment rocked my world

Scotland adopts a deposit for beverages that paves the way for the EU Strategy on Plastics

Joint letter on amendments to RED II by CEPI, EURIC, Plastic Recyclers Europe and ZWE

3 ways the European Parliament can fix the Renewable Energy proposal

Ireland’s first zero waste festival

EU trainees are hacking disposable plastic cups

Sadiq Khan pledges to make London zero waste

Why the current Renewable Energy proposal is flawed, and how to fix it

Beyond the super worms: one simple step you can take to stop plastic pollution

6 ways embodied energy could shape policy in Europe

#Designed4Trash award: Styrofoam Containers

Environmental NGOs join forces for a Mediterranean free from plastic pollution

Sardinia demonstrates that islands can achieve zero waste

ZWE’s response to public consultation on Chemicals, Products and Waste

How to save the world, one reusable bag at a time

New study presents plan for Circular Economy using existing economic measures

Roundup International Plastic Bag Free Day 2017

Rethink Plastic launches a summer challenge for the European Commission

Ditching Plastic Bags: A Lesson from Africa

Press Release: Enough excuses: it’s time for EU Member States to break free from plastic bags

10 organisations join the Zero Waste Europe Movement!

Joint letter on plastic-to-fuel

Ecopulplast project holds steering board meeting in Capannori

An 80 year old activist, a volcano in the sea, and a banana peel cruise ship

Study shows climate benefits from separate collection of organics

The first phase of the Redesign Europe Challenge is over! Time to check out the winning (most hated) products!

Sweden’s Recycling (D)evolution

UKWIN officially ‘earthMovers’

PRESS RELEASE: European Parliament’s report calls for halt on harmful subsidies to waste incineration

Can Rome go zero waste?

Nepal: Waste and Transformation in the Himalayas

3 Positions the EU Must Take To Stay Clean on the Circular Economy

IPEN PRESS RELEASE: At UN meeting, Canada and Chile stand alone trying to legitimize e-waste dumping and promote recycling of toxic chemical into children’s products

The Solution: Zero Waste Conference, Madrid

The EU needs to change course for a toxic free world

Simona Bonafè drives Europe to a circular economy

More Tourists Equals More Waste

Tell Supermarkets to Stop Using Non-Recyclable Plastic

Press release: Future and financing waste-to-energy

Zero Waste progress in Romania

The beginning of the end for the plastic bag in Tunisia? – Zero Waste Tunisia

10th anniversary of EU recycling rules marked by green groups

From waste to taste: Funghi Espresso brings new life to used coffee grounds

Gipuzkoa continues to mobilise against incineration for health, environment and economy

Vote at ENVI Committee paves the way for zero waste

Towards a new European mindset on waste-to-energy?

PRESS RELEASE: European Commission Plastics Roadmap not leading anywhere

Commission calls for defunding of waste-to-energy

Study tour to the Basque Country

MEPs bring back Potocnik 2014’s spirit in a push towards zero waste

Press Release: Six paths to make Extended Producer Responsibility fit for a circular economy

Press Release: New zero waste Roubaix case study shows ‘where there is a will there is a way’

Fondos para “soluciones” insustentables: financiamiento climático alemán al sector de los residuos en el Sur Global

Zero Waste Europe at the COP22

Cement industry in the spotlight in Spain

PRESS RELEASE: Valencia’s commitment to introduce a container deposit scheme, a step forward for Circular Economy in Europe

Press Release: International NGOs State Support for Impacted Communities from Waste Incineration in Cement Plants



UNFCCC approved incinerator reveals double standards in climate finance that undermine European climate policy

The Italian recipe against food waste

Press Release: MEPs support the end to harmful subsidies to waste-to-energy incineration

New zero waste comic released

Wood Waste: Recycle, Bury, or Burn? Jeffrey Morris Gives an Answer.

Press Release: Circular Economy can be a game-changer to reach ESR targets

Press Release: Germany should work for and not against a Circular Economy in Europe

A vision for a future free from plastic pollution: The EU must rise to the challenge

Press release: A vision of a future free from plastic pollution: the EU must rise to the challenge

PRESS RELEASE: Concern that flame retardants cause more harm than safety

What is the “State of the Art” after Malagrotta judgement?

Plastic Bag Free Day 2016 Round-up

The Zero Waste Festival, the place to be for zero waste advocates

Zero Waste News from Barcelona

The Curse of Sachets in Asia: why western companies should be held accountable

Resourcing the future 2016, London

Press Release: Zero Waste Europe – New ESR proposal is promising but lacks strength

Youth group highlight waste at the climate talks: the YOUNGO Zero Waste Working Group

Air pollution negotiations: falling short of breath

PRESS RELEASE: People’s Design Lab launched to redesign wasteful products

PRESS RELEASE: EU Member States asked to deliver final decisive effort for Europe to break free from single-use plastic bags

Building a culture of zero waste in Brussels

On World Environment Day, Majorca presents its plans to start moving away from incineration

Urban biowaste, a sustainable source of bioenergy?

New case study: Parma proves 70% recycling and 100kg residual waste can be achieved in only 4 years

Press Release: Bonafè shows more ambition than the Commission, yet is still far from zero waste

Policy Briefing: the Waste Sector under the Effort Sharing Decision

Network of Zero Waste Towns meeting in Capannori

20,000 people oppose incineration in Florence

Human chain to stop incinerator in Gipuzkoa

Press Release: EU Bioenergy – time to follow the Waste Hierarchy

NGOs call the EP to get the Circular Economy Back on Track

EU Bioenergy: Time to follow the Waste Hierarchy

Zero Waste Europe AGM 2016

Network of Zero Waste Towns Meeting in Ljubljana

Zero Waste Europe sign international declaration on ‘waste containing nanomaterials’

European Investment Bank faces criticism over financing Cardiff incinerator

Gasteiz Zero Zabor respond to Vitoria-Gasteiz MSW Plan

Positive signs for zero waste in Madrid

#EUBioenergy consultation: time to see the trees for the forest

Press Release: Eurostat data for 2014 confirms need for European residual waste target

The new PPWD: legislating for the past or for the future?

European Commission keeps wasting energy on “waste-to-energy”

Zero waste press conference against landfill in Debagoiena, Basque Country

Croatian municipalities adopt ‘Zero Waste 2020’ strategy

Zero Waste speeds up in Croatia after Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia Conference

Position Paper: The Circular Economy Package and European food waste policy

Potential Contribution of Waste Management to a Low Carbon Economy Conference

Redesign Innovation Jam in Copenhagen

Zero Waste study tour of Spanish municipalities to Italian best practices

Training on management of organic waste for Romanian civil society and local experts

Amazing results of “The Power of Compost” competition

Strong rhetoric, an empty promise: together, we must fill the Paris Agreement’s enforcement gap

Paris Ivry incinerator opposed in shadow of COP21

Tackling incineration: greenwashing at COP21

Press Release: Launch of map of European Zero Waste municipalities

Press release: Circular economy? New package is too weak to make it happen

International Climate Finance Flows: NAMAs in Context

Why climate advocacy should talk about waste

Costa Rica doesn’t go for zero waste strategies to reduce emissions

Who Will Benefit from Colombia’s NAMA?

The First zero waste celebration of the annual gathering to support the Basque language

Press release: New report finds significant air pollution problems across waste incineration activities

Press Release: Landfill ban? A false path to a circular economy

Gearing up for Paris! Our calendar of zero waste activities

‘Incineradoras No, Zero Waste Madrid’ in action!

Press Release: New report finds municipal solid waste a key sector for a low carbon economy

Zero Waste ‘Dream Team’ on Tour

Press Release: study finds Extended Producer Responsibility needs redesign for circular economy

Sao Paulo Apuesta En Serio Por El Compstaje Domiciliario

Alternatiba: grass-roots alternatives to climate change

Highlights from Zero Waste Week

Alappuzha India, Zero Waste Town

Boston Builds Solutions

São Paulo’s commitment to household composting

Is waste a source of renewable energy?

Earth First! Summer Gathering Fighting Incineration Workshop

Power of Compost: Video Competition

“Getting Climate Finance Right” in the Waste Sector

The White House Admits Biomass Burning Not “Carbon Neutral”

Slovenian Cement Plant Stops Operations as Environmental Permit Fails Approval

Time to Redesign Extended Producer Responsibility for a Circular Economy: New study from Zero Waste Europe.

Press Release: Study Finds Extended Producer Responsibility Needs Redesign for Circular Economy

The European Parliament shows the way to circular economy

Plastic Bag Free Day 2015 Global Round-up

Press Release: International Bag Free Day – New EU Directive paves the way for a Europe without plastic bags

Climate and waste talks in Bonn

European Parliament calls for ambitious circular economy

Fill in Bellies Not Bins – Disco Soup in Manchester

Engaging Hong Kong on the Road to Zero Waste

New case study: The story of Gipuzkoa, the fastest transition towards Zero Waste in Europe

Pope Francis Embraces Zero Waste

Inspiring and powerful Zero Waste Gathering in Sofia

What should be the GHG emission reduction targets for the waste sector?

New case study: The story of Ljubljana, first Zero Waste capital in Europe!

Progressive industry calls for an ambitious Circular Economy Policy

Let’s clean up Europe!

The objectionable role of the EU in the international toxics negotiations

WALKING THE CIRCLE: The 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy

Press release: The 4 guiding principles for a Circular Economy

Trash Talk: incineration VS the circular economy

Climate Finance for the Waste Sector: What is it About?

The zero waste agenda for the Catalan elections

Zero Waste France on its Way to COP21

The Circular Economy and REACH – an essential partnership

Zero Waste – a Key Solution for a Low-Carbon Economy

6th Spanish Gathering Against Waste Incineration in Cement Kilns

And the European waste champion is… Belgium!

Joint Statement on improving product durability and reparability

European experts sign a Manifesto to boost a new model of food waste management in the Mediterranean basin

Zero Waste practices from San Francisco (USA) and Contarina (Italy) show transition is possible

Arts, fashion and zero waste

New case study: The story of Contarina shows 85% recycling is possible!

Stakeholders ask EC for evidence to justify withdrawal of Circular Economy Package

1st Zero Waste Fair in the Philippines

EU Circular Economy Package: Questioning the reasons for withdrawal

Recycle the grey bin!

Gipuzkoa to save €250 million after scrapping the construction of the incineration plant

The third phase of the Zero Waste Italy movement launched in Capannori

Zero Waste is a Climate Solution at the COP20

From China to Spain: all the way to Zero Waste

Zero Waste illuminates the Low-Carbon Development Path in China

New book about Zero Waste in France

Don’t bin it! Europe needs the waste package

Zero Waste present in World Resources Forum in Peru

The Eco-Pulplast project: a zero waste example of innovation in the paper industry

55 European and international civil society organisations ask commission to reject authorisation of hazardous DEHP in PVC plastic

Press Release: ZWE welcomes the EU decision to reduce single-use plastic bags

European gathering against waste incineration in cement kilns

South African Waste Pickers on a Zero Waste Tour

Reporting the International Training on Organics Management

Ljubljana; first EU capital to adopt a Zero Waste strategy

Press Release: New Case Studies Show ‘Zero Waste’ Success in Europe

Communities Demand an End to Plastic Bags on #plasticbagfreeday

‘Management of organics, A Fundamental Pillar For Zero Waste Success’ – Focus of Next International Training

Press Release on International bag-free day: EU Council of Ministers must clamp down on use of plastic bags

Press Release: Circular Economy Package puts Europe firmly on the Zero Waste track but…

The Zero Waste Tour kicks off!

The #ageofdecommissioning (incinerators)

A Massive Let’s Do It! Cleaning up the Mediterranean Coast

Steps to implement the circular economy concept

We love compost! International compost awareness week

Waste – the controversial side of climate change mitigation in the latest IPCC report

European Parliament votes in favour of reducing single-use plastic bags

Packaging-free shopping on the rise in Europe

Zero Waste: the answer to “Wasted potential!” in the EcoInnovation Forum

Better waste policy: Europe’s golden opportunity to create jobs and cut pollution

And the best waste performing country in Europe is… Estonia!

When waste ends up in a…cement kiln

“Non Bruciamo il futuro” new book from Rossano Ercolini

Restart Party: celebrating stuff coming back to life

Moulinot: closing the loop for restaurant food waste in Paris

Game over – Guipuzkoa’s incinerator

Successful launch of Zero Waste France in Paris

(The story of) Denmark’s transition from incineration to Zero Waste

REBRICK – Reuse bricks to give them a new life

Zero Waste Europe Annual meeting – Bobigny/Paris 31.01 – 1/2.02.2014

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