We foster the transition to a zero waste Europe by creating the enabling conditions in terms of policy; regulations; financial drivers; implementing zero waste solutions on the ground; and organising and mobilising other groups inside and outside the organisation, initiating coalitions to further promote our narrative.” – Esra Tat, Executive Director at Zero Waste Europe

In this sense, the integration of our work areas in three main pillars is key to explain our impact:

Enabling conditions through work on EU policies

We have a strong record of being influential in EU policy making. We are a regular contributor and a credible actor, with good access to institutions and media. We are well-respected by pressure groups, policy makers and stakeholders in the field of circular economy and the climate agenda. 

Implementation of zero waste strategies

Our credibility as an organisation stems from the fact that we have expertise on the ground and in Brussels in the implementation of zero waste strategies at local and regional level. We provide expertise, technical guidance and facilitation to those willing to walk the zero waste path. 

Movement building and coordination

Our expertise in coordination, movement building and process facilitation is well recognised. We coordinate a network of 35 European member organisations.

As part of our movement-building efforts, ZWE initiates coalitions and movements. Currently, we host the coordination of the Break Free From Plastic movement in Europe, including the Rethink Plastic alliance; and of the Food Contact Materials coalition. As a founding and active member of these groups, we advance our agenda of moving away from disposability and presence of hazardous substances in packaging. 

We facilitate negotiations with big companies and empower small companies to get organised.