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In light of the EU’s Waste Framework Directive, member states will be required to collect bio-waste separately by the end of 2023, significantly increasing the availability of bio-waste for composting and anaerobic digestion. Yet, considering the large disparities in bio-waste collection and treatment across the EU, it’s crucial to identify and validate best practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along the bio-waste management chain. Unlocking the full potential of bio-waste recycling requires an ambitious project like LIFE BIOBEST.

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ReuSe Vanguard Project (RSVP)

Recycling has benefitted from too much attention and the solution to the (plastic) pollution crisis lies now mostly in prevention and reuse. However industry, media and policy making still put their focus on waste collection and recycling. The RSVP project aims to put reusable systems in the center of the solutions agenda and create the conditions for scaling up these systems across Europe.” – Nathan Dufour, Reuse Systems Manager and Leader of the ReuSe Vanguard Project at Zero Waste Europe

The True Toxic Tool

There is an urgent need to assess the real impact of waste incineration on human health and the environment. People living near waste incinerators need to be reassured about their health risks and the safety of such combustion facilities.” – Zero Pollution Programme at Zero Waste Europe