30 Mar 2024

Written by

Giulia Lodi

A Recap of the International Zero Waste Day Campaign


As March draws to a close, so does our month-long campaign leading up to International Zero Waste Day on 30 March. Throughout the past weeks, we’ve delved into various topics, explored innovative solutions, and celebrated the initiatives driving positive change in our communities.

Week 1: Preventive Measures and Actions

During the first week of our campaign, we shone a spotlight on preventive measures and actions to combat waste. One standout initiative was the collaborative platform Food Connect, linking food donors with recipients in need, thus reducing food waste and fostering solidarity within communities. Additionally, we explored the importance of reducing packaging waste and discussed the role of cities and local governments in addressing food waste.

Week 2: Impactful Policies

In our second week, we emphasised the significance of impactful policies in driving the transition towards a zero waste future and bringing numerous benefits for environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. We call upon decision-makers to embrace Zero Waste principles and endorse policies aimed at realising a zero waste Europe by signing our pledge for the upcoming European elections.

Week 3: New Economies

During the third week, we explored new economies and innovative approaches to waste management. We discussed the implementation of the Deposit Return Scheme in Ireland and its positive impact on recycling empty drinks containers. Moreover, we delved into the economics of implementing zero waste systems in cities and highlighted the potential savings they offer in the long term. Lastly, we spotlighted the reWINE project in Catalonia, Spain, which promoted refillable packaging systems to reduce waste in the wine industry.

Week 4: Thriving Communities

The focus of our final week was Thriving Communities, highlighted by the online marathon organised by Zero Waste Italy connecting activists, scientists, and mayors worldwide to discuss the circular economy, Concurrently, the ‘Two Weeks Without Waste’ campaign in Slovakia invited citizens and institutions to collaborate in a unified effort to reduce waste, fostering a sense of community engagement and responsibility towards sustainable practices. Looking ahead and continuing the conversation about communities, we eagerly anticipate welcoming ZWE members to Ghent this April for insightful discussions and team-building activities.

Explore all our campaign content here and stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a zero waste future. Let’s make every day Zero Waste Day!