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By standing up and working together, citizens all across Europe have the power to drive change and ensure a zero waste future for us all.
We have the power to change Europe – and the world – for the better: join us on this journey by taking action through the campaigns below.

#GetBack - Making reuse the norm across Europe again

Reusable packaging systems have proven environmental, economic and health benefits, yet it is neither incentivised or properly regulated at the European level, and the entire system is instead wired for single-use packaging.
The #GETBACK campaign asks for reuse systems to be scaled up and harmonised across Europe through well-designed systems; and for the right systems and policy to be put in place to support this.

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Pledge - Setting a truly circular recycling system

Zero Waste Europe and co-authoring organisations ECOS and Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) developed this paper to define the civil society position towards chemical "recycling" and recovery technologies. We encourage civil society and recycling industry organisations to endorse these principles by signing this pledge.

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The True Toxic Toll - biomonitoring of incineration emissions

In Europe, waste incinerators are on the rise, often being promoted as a safe way to dispose of our waste. The way emissions are measured only represents a tiny snapshot of the incinerator’s output – meaning, not all incineration emissions are evaluated.
Zero Waste Europe coordinated a biomonitoring research on incinerator emissions across Europe, together with ToxicoWatch, Hnuti Duha, Ziedine Ekonomika, and Ecologists en Accion Spain to find out the real health and environmental impacts of waste incineration emissions. The research analysis around three waste incinerators shows an environment under threat by contamination of substances of very high concern in eggs of backyard chicken, pine needles, and mosses.

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Coordinated by #breakfreefromplastic, #WeChoose reuse is a European mobilisation campaign to move away from single-use plastic and put robust reuse systems in place, working with zero waste cities and businesses, and demanding change from local, national, and EU decision makers, as well as business leaders.
The #WeChoose reuse commitment can be signed as an individual citizen, as a policy-maker, or on behalf of a business or municipality.

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The Plastic Waste Trade Manifesto

Irresponsibly managed plastic waste trade has no place in a circular economy.
We cannot aim to achieve a truly safe circular economy with ambitious reductions in resource use, while we continue to offload the burden of our plastic waste elsewhere. This manifesto is a call to EU institutions to legislate, through the Waste Shipment Regulation, an end to plastic waste exports from the Union and intra-EU management of European plastic waste that is in line with a genuine circular economy.

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The Bloody Manifesto

We are asking the European Commission to act by setting the necessary policy framework to support and empower menstruators to access safe, fair, and circular menstrual products, in line with the EU’s circular economy objectives. Our manifesto is open for signatures.

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A new strategy for residuals within a circular economy

We call on the European Commission to propose a dedicated EU strategy for the management of residual waste – one that aligns the treatment with the overarching principles and strategic goals of the EU circular economy and climate agenda.

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