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Our 34 members in 27 countries in Europe work on the ground to facilitate the transition to zero waste. These organisations work tirelessly to advocate for practices that pave the way for a circular economy – this includes lobbying for ambitious waste directives, creating spaces for knowledge sharing, mobilising public support, engaging the community and working with stakeholders to make zero waste a reality in Europe.

Our members are the changemakers on the ground – and this section is dedicated to highlighting some of their victories.

Mission Reuse - Recycling Network Benelux

The Mission Reuse project, by our member Recycling Network Benelux, together with two partner organisations, aims to test reuse solutions, learn about consumer preferences, and work together with the business community to implement practical and innovative zero waste practices. The organisations work with policy-makers that can help to promote such practices and create infrastructures that support them while leading on research about reuse systems that can work in different scenarios and are affordable for both customers and business entrepreneurs. Mission Reuse has put forward recommendations to the Dutch government on legislation that encourages reusable options and phases out single-use ones.

- January 2022

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Nothing New Challenge - Zero Waste France

The Nothing New Challenge, by Zero Waste France, encourages people to rethink new purchases and offers suggestions for alternatives - such as reusing, opting for second-hand, repairing or borrowing, while informing citizens about the impacts of current production and consumption trends on the earth. Participants have access to a personal space to share new purchases they have avoided and to exchange and draw inspiration from other participants.

The challenge is simple, buy as few new items as possible throughout the year to reduce the waste of resources!
Over 70,000 people have joined the challenge so far. Will you?

- February 2022

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Accademia Rifiuti Zero Mediterraneo - Zero Waste Italy

The Accademia Rifiuti Zero Mediterraneo, by Zero Waste Italy, is a project that creates an opportunity for mutual exchange of zero waste experiences and good practices by universities and zero waste cities, to engage students, professors, and researchers through study projects supported by visits and exchanges on the ground. The Academy offers training on the transition to zero waste and facilitates the exchange between countries on the Mediterranean coast to protect the biodiversity of their ecosystems, which are threatened by waste. The academy has three operational offices - in Capanorri, at the Segromigno in Monte Science Park; Naples and Calatafimi Segesta (TP).

- March 2022

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Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus - FoE Cyprus

Friends of the Earth Cyprus, together with Let’s Make Cyprus Green (LMCG), Zero Food Waste Cyprus and Ecological Movement Cyprus have formed an alliance to work together on waste prevention, waste management and solutions mainstreaming. Through joint forces and common values they work on projects in food markets (to prevent waste), reusable solutions (such as installing refill water stations around Cyprus), zero waste cities certification (through Mission Zero Academy) and organic waste management, among others.

- April 2022

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Camp Zero Dechet - Zero Waste Belgium

Since 2018, Zero Waste Belgium has been supporting youth movement groups in the country to help reduce their waste as part of the ‘Camp Zero Dechet’ (Zero Waste Camp) project. Camp Zero Dechet equips camp leaders with the skills and knowledge to reduce their waste during the camp, as well as making the whole experience more sustainable and environmentally-focused.

- May 2022

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Biowaste Collection Campaign - Zero Waste Latvia

Up until 2021, biowaste collection was still a novelty in Riga, Latvia. An ambitious information campaign by Zero Waste Latvia helped to achieve a successful full city roll-out, informing citizens about the importance of separate collection and its practicalities, through engagement with press, influencers and policy-makers.

- June 2022

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First Zero Waste Certified Cities - Ekologi Brez Meja

The municipalities of Bled and Gorje, Slovenia, were the first Zero Waste Certified Cities under the Mission Zero Academy Certification.

With the support of Ekologi Brez Meja, the two municipalities managed to increase separate collection rates to up to 75% and reduce the amount of residual waste per tourist by 16%. Over 40 measures were implemented to improve resource management and awareness.

- July 2022

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Incinerator moratorium in Scotland - UKWIN

The United Kingdom Without Incinerators Network (UKWIN) has been campaigning against incinerators since 2007, supporting local communities, providing expertise and support and advocating heavily with policy-makers.

In 2022, the network, alongside other environmental groups, welcomed the news that the Scottish Government will ensure that no further planning permissions is granted to new incinerators.

- August 2022

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Zero Waste in Emergency Response - Zero Waste Lviv

Despite the ongoing conflict with Russia, Lviv has thrived in its zero waste efforts and became an example of resilience and commitment. Some of the zero waste actions taken by the city include separate door-to-door waste collection, including organic waste, diverting 80% of organic waste from landfills through composting, and multiple waste prevention programs that include single-use plastic and sanitary products.
Lviv’s case can help to establish a zero waste protocol for emergency response in communities around the world.

- September 2022

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Waste prevention on mountains - Za Zemiata

Since 1999, Za Zemiata has been organising clean-ups on Bulgaria’s mountains. The campaign “IzChisti planini” (Clean mountains), now focuses on the prevention of waste in mountains in the first place. The organisation collaborates with national park directorates to implement incentives that reduce waste and resource consumption, through workshops and projects targeting mountain guides, resort hosts, schools and tourism associations.

- October 2022

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Waste education in schools - Voice

The Picker Pals Programme, led by our member in Ireland, Voice, inspires and equips children to become the next generation of environmentalists. This educational programme uses storytelling to motivate children and their families to clean up their local areas, while becoming aware of the consequences of waste and single-use packaging. Half the primary schools in Ireland are now signed up for this programme.

- November 2022


Bike Repair Workshop - FoE Croatia/ Zelena Akcija

The Bicycle Repair Workshop (BicPop), set up by FoE Croatia, is based on a “do-it-yourself” concept, where citizens can pop in and service their own bicycles, using available tools and support from volunteers present. Volunteers also repair donated bicycles, which are then forwarded to those who need but cannot afford one.

In 2021, this project won the Pride of Croatia Award.

- December 2022

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