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In addition to our core networks, Zero Waste Europe is a member of several European and overseas alliances, bringing our holistic approach to a zero waste future and applying it to topics as diverse and as relevant as chemical-free items, plastic pollution, or food policy.

Food Contact Materials

A campaign led by consumer, chemicals, environmental, and health organisations. The campaign works towards stronger EU rules to ensure that all products and packaging in contact with food are free from toxic chemicals, protecting people’s health and allowing a toxic-free circular economy.

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Flame Retardant Furniture

A coalition of stakeholders - ranging from environmental and health NGOs to industry, organisations working on cancer, firefighters, and labour unions - working on the implications of the presence of harmful flame retardants chemicals in furniture products.

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EU Food Policy Coalition

A coalition of over 50 organisations acting for an European transition toward sustainable food systems. Zero Waste Europe contributes to the Coalition from a food waste angle.

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Prevent Waste Coalition

A new coalition of NGOs based in Brussels working on waste prevention policy at the EU level.