Wondering what it's like to work with ZWE?


I see it as a great enrichment for our work to be part of the ZWE network. It enables us to exchange ideas with zero waste organisations all over Europe, in order to learn from each other and to cooperate on holistic solutions to the waste problem.


Evelyn Rath

Zero Waste Austria

It is an honour to be part of this ever-growing community of people committed to zero waste. ZWE is the place I go to when I need specialised information; it's like a living reference book for the zero waster: inspiring and motivating.


Evgenia Tasheva

Za Zemiata

ZWE makes a precious bridge between best practices, most engaged activists, and the best experts in waste management. This results in many success stories around the mission to have a cleaner and healthier environment and to protect the Earth's resources. It's great and inspiring to be a traveller on this journey with ZWE.


Marko Kosak

Zelena Akcija (Friends of the Earth Croatia)

Zero Waste Europe is what an environmental organisation or activist fighting for zero waste is looking for - a communication hub with people from all over Europe who share common goals, vision, and concerns. In this community, good practices, expertise, and experiences of many years have been gathered and organised in a perfect way. This makes ZWE an ideal network and a place of inspiration for advocacy and actions leading to zero waste cities, businesses, and lifestyle.


Anastasia Korae

Friends of the Earth Cyprus

Being part of the ZWE family has given us the opportunity to grow as an organisation and increase our impact. The constant support by ZWE and the other members of the network, as well as the exchange of knowledge and expertise have helped us build our capacity considerably, apply lessons learned to other fields, and increase our level of engagement with decision-makers. Following mentoring by ZWE, we joined forces with other local groups and formed the Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus, which helps us amplify each other’s work and contribute towards the zero waste transition on the local level.


Katja Sreš

Ekologi brez meja

The Zero Waste Europe network allows us all to implement zero waste practices with higher quality in different countries by exchanging knowledge and experience.


Emina Adrović

Zero Waste Montenegro

Rezero wants to carry out its mission through teamwork and networking: integrate diverse perspectives to achieve more complex and resilient results, which are more adaptable to the different realities that shape our societies; and share goals and perspectives with organisations and groups in Europe and around the world. Being a part of Zero Waste Europe means all of this.


Rosa García


We are happy and proud to be part of the ZWE network, which expands our national borders. We need to structure our associations, to share knowledge, talents and results, to create an ever-greater critical change. The benefits are greater strength, increased communication channels and more expertise.


Laura Lo Presti

Zero Waste Italy

VOICE has been at the forefront of waste prevention and zero waste in Ireland since the late 1990s. At that time, we were one of the few national organisations advocating for waste reduction and better source separation. With the resources and support of ZWE, we have been able to advance our advocacy and policy recommendations gleaned from best practices highlighted by this amazing organisation. Additionally, working with our international colleagues demonstrates that we are not alone and that we can learn and benefit from their experiences, wins and challenges. ZWE also keeps us apprised of policies happening at the EU level and empowers us with their insights and research when we push for ambitious policy in Brussels.


Mindy O'Brien


Being part of the ZWE network makes us feel supported and part of a great community. This continues to confirm that what we do is meaningful; it gave us the strength and inspiration to keep going.


Lucie Wehbé

Zero Waste Belgium