26 Mar 2024

Written by

Giulia Lodi

Zero Waste Europe Changemakers: Hnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic)

Hnutí DUHA - Friends of the Earth Czech republicZWE Changemakers

Our featured changemaker for March is Hnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic). As part of the ZWE Changemakers’ campaign, we spotlight one of our member organisations, shedding light on their local initiatives and projects.

Hnutí DUHA is dedicated to advocating for energy and climate protection, as well as the preservation of resources and nature. Through strategic communication campaigns and collaborative efforts with journalists and local governments, they strive to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. Operating both nationally and internationally, the organization specializes in mobilizing communities while upholding principles of objectivity, accuracy, and fairness in all their endeavors.

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