20 Feb 2024

Written by

Giulia Lodi

International Social Justice Day

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Today we celebrate the International Social Justice Day, firmly supporting an intersectional approach for environmental justice that advocates for justice for all people and the planet.

We’ve gathered insightful resources and projects from our members to delve into the impact and repercussions of our production, consumption, and waste management systems on different groups of our communities.

The impact of incinerators on local communities: The choice of incinerator locations often reinforces structural inequalities and damages the health and quality of life of the people living there.

Democracy & public engagement to fight the climate crisis: Our member Zero Waste France explored the topic in the book “Déchets partout justice nulle part”.

Investigating the connections between plastic pollution and waste colonialism: read the article (in French).

Food waste and food insecurity: Friends of the Earth Cyprus established a food platform to combat both food waste and insecurity, aiming to reduce waste while addressing concerns about food availability.

Zero Waste stories from Africa that compiles case studies showcasing zero waste initiatives from six diverse African countries.