20 Dec 2023

Written by

Giulia Lodi

2024 ZWE members’ goals


At the end of 2023, we asked our members to set their New Year’s resolutions. What will they focus on? Which topics will be on their agenda? Reading the answers, you can bet that we won’t get bored in 2024.

Many members will continue teaming up for common battles and networking within their regions. Others will carry on with the work begun in 2023 on specific projects or key topics such as textiles, reuse-repair-share strategies, and the elimination of single-use plastic.

The focus on the local level will still be one of the year’s priorities: engaging with new cities, continuing to work with municipalities to increase their zero-waste strategies or starting to work with them on new topics such as digital waste.

On the policy level, the main aims are to achieve the approval of a National Waste Law or obtain a moratorium on new incineration capacity.

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