A Blueprint for Movement Building

“At ZWE, movement building is part of our DNA. We collaborate with members across Europe, forge coalitions, spark movements, and rally diverse groups. We believe collective action is vital for lasting change, for the benefit of all people and the planet.” – Stephanie Yates, Head of Network & Movement Building


How do movements emerge, grow, collaborate, and collectively push for change? What ingredients are needed for groups, organisations, and individuals to work together for a stronger impact?

From connecting and supporting a network of 35 NGOs across Europe to initiating movements, building coalitions and forming alliances, we have a long history of building movements and mobilising groups to accelerate Europe’s transition to a net-zero, zero waste society.

In recent years, we have also supported several of our members who have established zero waste alliances in their countries, bringing together various groups and people to play a stronger role in mainstreaming zero waste strategies.

Through our Blueprint for Movement Building project, we aim to capture and analyse the patterns that lead to powerful and effective movement building:

  • We are examining ZWE’s own history of mobilising groups while also gathering insights from other movements and actors to identify the multiple patterns that contribute to (and hinder) impactful movement building.
  • We are also working closely with our five national zero waste alliances to strengthen their capacity, coordination and influence, enabling the alliances to become key voices on zero waste vision in their countries and integrating their learning of alliance building into the Blueprint.

Our Blueprint for Movement Building is designed to support, inspire, and guide emerging and existing movements in becoming stronger forces advocating for climate justice.



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  • Stephanie Yates
    Head of Network and Movement Building
  • Esra Tat
    Executive Director
  • Giulia Lodi
    Communications & Network Officer

Funded by

Funded by the UMI Fund, this project is a collaborative initiative involving ZWE’s five national alliances: Alianza Residuo Cero (Spain), Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus, Zero Waste Germany, Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine and Zero Waste Movement Bulgaria.