Hnutí DUHA, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic

Hnutí DUHA focuses especially on the fields of energy and climate protection, resources and nature protection. In our work we emphasize objectivity, accuracy and fairness.


Hnutí DUHA systematically informs the public about major environmental issues through targeted communication campaigns, cooperation with journalists and municipalities. We specialize in public mobilization. Hnutí DUHA operates nationwide as well as at the international level.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • In 2019, the Czech Government accepted our legislative proposal to increase landfill fee with specific discounts for municipalities which meet a high recycling ratio. If this legislative proposal will be accepted in 2020 by the Czech Parliament, there will be quite big economical support for better separation of municipal waste in the Czech Republic.

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Work to keep our proposal for sorting discounts from increasing of landfill fee in new waste law.


  • Advocate for deleting the landfill ban for waste from the proposed waste law.

Brno, Czech Republic

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