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Transitioning Europe towards zero waste and a circular economy requires transforming our society. To achieve this bold vision, stakeholders and citizens need to be empowered with accessible and powerful information in order to become change agents in their communities.


Zero Waste Europe has been at the forefront of Europe’s transition to zero waste and circular economy since its creation in 2013. During this time, we have created resources in order to help accelerate the transition towards a zero waste Europe, which you can find in our online library, designed with you in mind.


Whether you are a decision-maker after policy briefings outlining the negative impacts of waste incineration, an entrepreneur searching for the latest case studies on zero waste business models, an activist looking for a guide on separate collection of waste or a journalist looking for fact-sheets on the benefits of zero waste – our library is for you.




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NGOs response to the draft Commission Delegated Regulation on shipments of waste

We joined forces with the other organisations of the Basel Action Network to urge the European Commission to rectify its current trajectory by adopting provisions that offer the same level of
environmental protection as the Basel Convention, for intra-EU plastic waste trade.

Available in English

NGOs Response to informal call for comments on the Draft Commission Delegated Regulation to implement recent changes to the Basel Convention

We joined forces with the other organisations of the Basel Action Network – Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Environmental Investigation Agency, European Environmental Bureau – to comment on the Delegated Regulation to transpose the Basel COP14 plastic waste amendments found in Decision 14/12 into the Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) of the European Union.

Available in English

Feedback on the Inception impact assessment of Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR)

We joined forces with the European Environmental Bureau to provide our feedback on the inception impact assessment (IIA) of the WSR stressing the intention to stop exporting waste outside the EU and revisit existing rules.

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Harmonisation of waste separate collection across Europe

We joined forces with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) to provide our policy recommendations to the European Commission concerning the harmonisation of waste separate collection across Europe.

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European Commission commitment on tackling food waste in the Farm to Fork Strategy

We joined forces with other 9 NGOs to ask the European Commission to rethink their food waste commitments in the recently released Farm to Fork Strategy. We suggest binding targets committing to a 50% reduction by 2030 and introducing food waste prevention as mandatory criteria for sustainable food procurement.

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7 Steps to Effectively Legislate Chemical Recycling

Our latest joint statement with the Rethink Plastic alliance, and notably ECOS, EEB and HCWH outlines key steps for effective legislation of chemical recycling in the EU.


Available in English

Dare to imagine a better future…starting with plastic!

Thanks to the words of our Executive Director, Joan Marc Simon – who recently wrote the book “It’s Plastic, Stupid!” – Zero Waste Europe released a booklet which takes you “ back to the future”, describing our world in 2040. A world where circularity is fully implemented and zero waste is a reality.

Available in English

Bio-waste generation in the EU: Current capture levels and future potential

Zero Waste Europe and the Bio-based Industries Consortium analyse the untapped potential of biowaste (garden and food waste) in Europe. The first study of its kind details the current generation and capture rates in the EU with dedicated country fact-sheets and municipalities best practice.

Available in English

Making GHG accounting work for climate – recommendations for accounting methodology for Recycled Carbon Fuels

Zero Waste Europe released a policy briefing to act as guidance for the European Commission. In light of their proposals on accounting methodology for potential greenhouse gas emissions from so called ‘recycled carbon fuels’.

Available in English

Achieving the EU’s Waste Targets: Zero Waste Cities showcasing how to go above and beyond what is required

Zero Waste Europe released a policy briefing to act as a tool for those working at the city and municipal level in Europe. The briefing provides an overview of the key targets related to waste management that EU governments must achieve and by when, whilst also acting as a tool to help local zero waste groups and activists in their advocacy work.

Available in English

How to make Packaging Free Shops go mainstream?

Drawing from the findings of the pioneer study on the state of packaging free shops in Europe, Zero Waste Europe makes the case for the European Union to put in place a set of legislative and economic measures to support expanding the packaging free shops market.

Available in English

Packaging Free Shops in Europe – An initial report

Zero Waste Europe Packaging Free Shops in Europe - An initial report

Zero Waste Europe releases the first ever European study on the state of play and the potential growth for the packaging free shops market. Conducted by Eunomia, in collaboration with Réseau Vrac and the Zero Waste Europe network.

Available in English, Slovenian and Hungarian


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