The True Toxic Toll / Slovakia – biomonitoring research on persistent organic pollutants in the environmental surrounding the cement plant in Turňa nad Bodvou

The “True Toxic Toll” campaign is back with the most recent findings on the harmful impact of incinerator emissions on human health and the environment.

The latest research conducted by ToxicoWatch on behalf of Zero Waste Europe analysed the persistent organic pollutants in the environment surrounding a cement kiln in Turňa nad Bodvou, Slovakia. This time, we analysed fruit such as apples, figs, and grapes; backyard chicken eggs; vegetation; and dust, water, and sediments from the surrounding villages.

The results showed that:
– PFAs were detected in grapes and fig leaves; and PAH levels were found in apples and grapes;
– There were concentrations of dioxins, PAH, and PFAS in eggs, pine needles, and mosses;
– Eggs from backyard chickens in three locations exceeded the EU limit for dioxins.
– Elevated levels of PAH were found in roof dust.

These findings raise concerns about the region’s environmental health and the health of those living near the incinerator.

Available in English and Slovak.