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Writing and editing

Are you a passionate and creative writer, who likes turning complex issues into inspiring stories?

Are you eager to make a positive change and help spread the zero waste narrative?
If your answer is yes, you are invited to join our team of Zero Waste Bloggers!


The Zero Waste Bloggers are a pool of volunteers writing and editing guest blogs and articles for Zero Waste Europe’s website. By joining, you will:

  • Help spread awareness on environmental issues
  • Get a chance to write about the zero waste-related issues closer to your heart
  • Get visibility as a blogger and challenge yourself with different writing styles


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If the art of translation has no secret for you, and you enjoy transposing texts in other languages,

you can join our volunteer translators and help disseminate Zero Waste Europe’s messages and publications

all across Europe and beyond. Most of our content is originally written in English, but with the support

of our volunteer translators we can reach a much broader audience.


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Graphic design

Do you enjoy turning stories and messages into powerful visuals and infographics?
Are you into graphic design and creating beautiful layouts?
Or perhaps you love communicating through videos?

If yes, this is is the section for you: join our pool of illustrators, designers and video makers

and help us spread the Zero Waste message with your creations!


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General volunteering

You don’t fit in any of the above categories but still want to volunteer? Don’t worry, we will surely find something for you!

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