Letter on the role of incineration in Ukraine’s Recovery Plan

Zero Waste Europe (ZWE), Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine (ZWAU) and Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) sent a letter to the President of the European Commission concerning the role of incineration in Ukraine’s Recovery Plan. The letter puts forward a number of concerns related to the prospective EU funding facilitating the increase of incineration capacity in Ukraine as part of the country’s recovery plan.

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NGO letter to REACH Committee June 2022

In this letter led by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) to the REACH Committee, ZWE joined a wide group of NGOs advocating for health and environmental protection. The letter flags the outstanding issue of delays in relation to the intentionally added microplastics and the lead in PVC restrictions, as well as the identification of resorcinol as a substance of very high concern (SVHC).

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Open letter on Hazardous Chemicals and Food Safety – recycled plastic in food packaging (updated rules)

Zero Waste Europe and 27 other civil society organisations across Europe have sent an open letter to the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, stating their concerns about some of the proposals in the draft new Regulation concerning the placing on the market of plastic materials and articles with recycled/secondary plastic content intended for use in contact with food. The signatories also urge the EU Commission to delay this proposal on the grounds of safety assurance.

Open Letter to European Commission: French proposal for an EU restriction of highly hazardous substances in single-use baby diapers

Zero Waste Europe, EEB and other civil society organisations are appealing to the European Commission to accept the French authorities (ANSES) proposal to restrict a group of extremely hazardous substances in baby diapers throughout the EU under the REACH Regulation. The organisations draw the attention to the Commission’s key responsibility to take into account the particular vulnerability of the newborns and toddlers that this important restriction aims to protect.

Open letter to the European Parliament – Liability obligations for online marketplaces must be incorporated into the DSA to protect consumers and the environment from illegal imports

With the current proposal of the Digital Services Act (DSA) continuing to fail making online marketplace responsible when illegal content is distributed via their platform, Zero Waste Europe joined Deutsche Umwelthilfe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) in a joint letter  to European Parliament asking for significant and impactful amendments.


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Joint NGO letter to the REACH Committee

Zero Waste Europe joined the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and 12 other organisations to request a restriction on all forms of lead-contained in PVC by setting equal-stringent thresholds for lead in virgin and recycled PVC.


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Joint call on the Digital Services Act (DSA): Effective and unambiguous rules are needed to tackle illegal activities and rogue traders

Authorities, civil society organisations and businesses consistently find evidence of EU and non-European third-parties using online platform services to sell illegal products and services.

BEUC and 29 other civil society and industry groups join forces in a joint statement on the Digital Services Act (DSA). We ask policy-makers to ensure the DSA holds accountable online platforms that facilitate the initiation of transactions between traders and end-users via a strong liability regime and firm obligations.

Open letter to the Parliament of the European Union – Stop sale and imports of illegal products via online marketplaces

Online marketplaces shall be liable when no other actor located in the EU is responsible for products sold to European consumers. This is the demand of a broad alliance of environmental and industry organisations in an open letter to the European Parliament, which is just drafting its position on several legislative proposals regulating digital markets and product safety.

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The Bloody Manifesto

We are asking the European Commission to act by setting the necessary policy framework to support and empower menstruators to access safe, fair & circular menstrual products – in line with the EU’s circular economy objective. Our manifesto is open for signatures at the following link: http://bit.ly/signmanifesto

Open letter on Common Agricultural Policy & Green New Deal

Open letter to the President of the European Commission, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament calling for full alignment of the reformed Common Agricultural Policy with the European Green Deal.

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European Commission commitment on tackling food waste in the Farm to Fork Strategy

We joined forces with other 9 NGOs to ask the European Commission to rethink their food waste commitments in the recently released Farm to Fork Strategy. We suggest binding targets committing to a 50% reduction by 2030 and introducing food waste prevention as mandatory criteria for sustainable food procurement.

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Joint NGOs Statement – Ten Priorities for the European Commission’s Climate Taxonomy Delegated Acts

We joined other nearly 100 NGOs, to call on the European Commission to implement an effective and science-based EU Climate Taxonomy Delegated Acts. If done properly, the Taxonomy should help end greenwashing in the finance sector by showing which investments are truly sustainable. The Taxonomy can also play an even bigger role, helping the post-crisis EU economy become more resilient by guiding the EU’s green recovery spending. Read the ten demands and full list of signatories.

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