18, 19, 20 March 2024

“Crafting city-wide plastic prevention & reuse strategies” – In-person training, 18-20 March, Berlin

Zero Waste Europe and Mission Zero Waste Academy, with the support of Zero Waste Berlin, invite you to participate in their next in-person training course “Crafting city-wide plastic prevention and reuse strategies”. The main objective of this training is to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively implement a plastic prevention plan aimed at reducing plastic waste production and promoting reuse systems within your municipality.

Location & Date

Berlin, Germany from Monday 18 March to Wednesday 20 March.

Who is it for?

  • ZWE members and close partners that are actively working on  local zero waste strategies, especially those working on waste prevention, plastic prevention and reuse.
  • Municipal officials and technicians from municipalities committed to waste prevention and reuse, or interested in further action.

This event has a maximum capacity of 45 in-person places. Registrations are now closed.

What will you learn, discuss and do?

Monday 18 March: 

The first day will be exclusively for ZWE members and close partners. It will focus on the Zero Waste Cities Certification – how to mentor cities, how to audit them, how to promote the Certification to municipalities and what benefits/tools are available to those who follow the journey towards Certification.

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 March:

The second and third days will be open to invited city representatives, as well as ZWE members & partners. The training for these 2 days will focus predominantly on waste prevention & reuse as a strategy for advancing local zero waste strategies. It will involve interactive sessions between all participants, designed to expand their knowledge on the topics of reuse and prevention, whilst also building a peer-to-peer learning environment. The training will also give members and their city officials a chance to co-strategize and design local plans for preventing waste. Specific sessions will go into more detail on:

  • What prevention measures can a city implement?
  • How to design & monitor waste prevention measures?
  • What a packaging reuse system can look like & how to design one?
  • How to design an effective communications strategy to ensure the community participates successfully in any new policy?

On Wednesday 20 March, we also aim to take participants to a local site to visit a best practice example in Berlin of waste prevention & reuse.


Click HERE to download the agenda.

Important things to note:

Sessions Schedule:

  • Day 1 (Monday, 18 March): Exclusively for ZWE members and close partners.
  • Days 2 and 3 (Tuesday, 19 March, and Wednesday, 20 March): Open to all participants, including city representatives.

Arrival Information:

  • ZWE Members and close Partners: Required to arrive in Berlin on Sunday, 17 March, if attending all sessions.
  • City Representatives: Expected to arrive in Berlin on Monday, 18 March, to participate in days 2 and 3.


  • ZWE Members & close Partners: Accommodation covered for the evenings of 17, 18, and 19 March. An extra night (20 March) can be covered upon request.
  • City Representatives: Accommodation expenses covered only for 18 and 19 March.

Financial Coverage:

  • ZWE Members & close Partners: Accommodation costs covered, along with daytime meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks). Dinners will be at participants’ expense.
  • Travel expenses (up to 200 EUR) will be reimbursed to ZWE Members & close Partners only.
  • City Representatives: Responsible for covering their own travel costs, including accommodation for nights before or beyond 18 and 19 March.
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