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People’s Design Lab Contest 2018


25 Sep 2018

Written by

Yianna Sigalou


Zero Waste Europe is happy to announce the launch of the 2018 People’s Design Lab contest!

For the third consecutive year the contest will run to identify the worst designed products. The contest is open for everybody to participate, in fact we can’t make it happen without your help!

This is why we urge you to vote and have your say on this timely issue. You can do so, until the Buy Nothing Friday, on the 23rd of November.

Once the contest is closed and the winners are revealed, it is time for action. Zero Waste Europe commits to influence European policies and companies to put a limit to these wasteful practices.

During the past two years, Zero Waste Europe has addressed the issue of products that you voted as being badly designed and has brought into the spotlight sustainable and zero waste alternatives. One example is the story of ReCircle as an alternative to styrofoam and single – use containers. Another example is the greater outreach of this year’s Plastic Bag Free Day as a point of action on raising awareness on the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment.

We believe that this year’s categories reflect accurately the citizens’ concerns about everyday products and their (mis)use. By voting for this year’s contest you will be helping us  change policies on the products you think are impeccable examples of bad design.

Let’s fight together for a better use of everyday products!