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Zero Waste Europe Annual meeting – Bobigny/Paris 31.01 – 1/2.02.2014

by Joan Marc Simon

A big Zero Waste gathering will take place in Bobigny, France on January 31, and February 1 and 2.

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On 1 February a big public event will take place in the Hotel de Ville of Bobigny . More than 300 people are expected to participate in this event in which the participants will learn what is Zero Waste about, with concrete examples from Zero Waste communities around Europe.

Public authorities, waste experts and representatives of the civil society will share best practices in a meeting which intends to serve as a platform to launch Zero Waste in France and represents a new point of departure for resources and waste management in the country.

On January 31 and Sunday 2 Zero Waste groups from all over Europe will have an internal meeting to prepare the working plan for 2014.

If you wish to participate in the Annual meeting of Zero Waste Europe please register here.

To check the agenda of the public event on February 1 click here.

Previous annual meetings:

2011 – First meeting of ZWE in Brussels
2012 – Annual meeting of ZWE in Gipuzkoa
2013 – Annual meeting of ZWE in Brussels

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