Recycled content in plastics – the mass balance approach

If the label on the bottle in your hand said it was made from recycled plastic, would you believe it? Depending on the method behind the claim, the bottle might contain little to no recycled content at all.

This booklet presents infographic renditions of the recommendations from the “Determining recycled content with the ‘mass balance approach’ – 10 recommendations for development of methods and standards” position paper, originally published on January 2021.


Available in English

Dare to imagine a better future…starting with plastic!

Thanks to the words of our Executive Director, Joan Marc Simon – who recently wrote the book “It’s Plastic, Stupid!” –  Zero Waste Europe released a booklet which takes you “ back to the future”, describing our world in 2040.  A world where circularity is fully implemented and zero waste is a reality.

Available in English