ZERO is a Portuguese environmental NGO, working at the national level, active since December 2015, with the main aim of promoting sustainability, by demonstrating the links between environmental protection and social and economic wellbeing.

We work at the policy level (nacional and european) and promote and participate in projects that contribute for our vision of a common future. We’ve been actively promoting circular economy with a clear focus on Zero Waste policies. We also work in areas such as: climate change and energy, biodiversity, water and oceans, agriculture and soil, chemicals and trade policies, among others. ZERO was created by a group of 100 activists highly commited to promote a sustainable world, and we are now almost 1000 (and counting).

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • Creation of the ZERO disposables working group
  • The city of Guimarães compromising with the ZWE principles
  • In 2018 ZERO will start working to promote the first Portuguese Zero Waste School.

Lisbon, Portugal

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Here are some of their recent activities...

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