Waste Management

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We work at the European level to push for ambitious waste policy which drives Europe towards a zero waste future. This work also involves monitoring and supporting implementation in various member states, the latter being driven by our national members actively involved in local level projects.

Waste Trade

The European Union is shipping a large amount of its waste across the world, generating negative environmental, social and economic impacts for receiving communities. That’s why we are calling for more stringent regulations on waste shipments from the European Union.” – Theresa Morsen, Waste & Resources Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe

Food Waste

In the European Union, 1/5 of the food produced is wasted. This is not acceptable and shows the need to swiftly shift towards sustainable food systems. Only when we rethink our relation with food production and consumption will we be able to waste less and produce food in a fair and sustainable way. – Theresa Mörsen, Waste & Resources Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe

Mechanical Recovery and Biological Treatment (MRBT)

We need a new strategy for the management of municipal residual waste that prioritises material recovery and biological treatment over energy recovery, in line with the goals of the new circular economy vision and the present climate emergency.” – Enzo Favoino, Chair of the Zero Waste Europe Scientific Committee


“Evidence across the board shows that WTE incineration is a high carbon-intense source of energy, a source of air pollution, and an unsafe technology. It puts countries and cities in a ‘lock in’ situation without a chance to improve waste prevention and recycling. Even if someone liked burning waste, it could not be considered green or sustainable.” – Janek Vähk, Zero Pollution Policy Manager at Zero Waste Europe

"Chemical Recycling"

The Chemical Recycling hype should not divert attention from the real solution to plastic pollution which is replacing single-use plastics, detoxifying and simplifying new plastics, and designing business models to make efficient use of plastics.” – Joan Marc Simon,  Director-Founder at Zero Waste Europe