Circular Economy Portugal is an environmental NGO that strives to create a circular economy and society without waste. It does this by sharing knowledge and developing projects related to waste prevention, reuse and repair.

The organisation actively supports various public and private entities with capacity-building and project implementation based on social innovation and collaborative action. CEP works  to become a dynamic hub for the promotion of the circular economy by supporting and inspiring Portuguese businesses, governing bodies, and civil society alike.

It aims to make tangible contributions towards this transition and help society to move:

  • From waste to valorisation;
  • From fossil fuels to renewables;
  • From planned obsolescence to eco-design;
  • From landfills and incineration to reuse;
  • From exclusion to sharing;
  • From a global market to a local market;
  • From monoculture to (bio)diversity;
  • From theory to practice.