10 October 2023
14:00 – 15:30 (CET/CEST)

ZW Live! webinar: Reinventing glass

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Glass packaging plays a crucial role in the ongoing transition towards sustainable packaging systems. Reusable glass bottles produce 75% fewer carbon emissions than single-use PET bottles and 57% fewer than aluminium cans. Glass also makes for a safe choice for food and beverage packaging.

However, single-use glass has the highest environmental footprint compared to other single-use materials, as highlighted in the recent study commissioned to Eunomia Research & Consulting by Zero Waste Europe, Decarbonisation of Single Use Beverage Packaging.Could the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) reduce the impact of packaging on the environment by favouring reusable glass over single-use options?

Our webinar on 10 October 2023 discussed single-use and reusable glass packaging with our panellists:

  • Simon Hann, Eunomia Research & Consulting, will share the results of the study mentioned above exploring the decarbonization of single-use beverage packaging, specifically examining the 1.5-carbon budgets for aluminium, PET, and glass beverage containers within the EU.
  • Adeline Farrely, director general of FEVE, will represent the perspective of the glass industry.
  • Paul Gabie, CEO of Ecospirits, will present its solution for reusable glass packaging.

The webinar will be facilitated by Joan Marc Simon, Director Founder at Zero Waste Europe.

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(Re-)watch the webinar

Webinar speakers

  • Simon Hann
    Principal Consultant, Eunomia Research & Consulting
  • Adeline Farrelly
    Secretary-General, EU Federation for Glass Packaging (FEVE)
  • Paul Gabie
    CEO, EcoSpirits
  • (Moderator) Joan Marc Simon
    Director-Founder, Zero Waste Europe