Joint position paper Bioplastics in a Circular Economy: The need to focus on waste reduction and prevention to avoid false solutions">
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A joint position paper with a number of European NGO’s exploring ‘false solutions’ to waste reduction and the role that bioplastics play. The report emphasises the need to focus on waste prevention over technological fixes.

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Matt Franklin

I am the Communications & Programme Officer for Zero Waste Europe. I joined Zero Waste Europe in July 2015, moving to Manchester, UK after living in Bologna, Italy, and working as a freelance campaign communications consultant. Before Bologna I worked for People & Planet as a Corporate Power Campaigns Co-ordinator, supporting UK student groups campaigning around workers’ rights in the garments and electronics industries. I have been long been involved in grassroots social movements, and campaigns for social and environmental justice. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Anthropology and Classical Literature & Civilisations.


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