22 Nov 2023

Written by

Giulia Lodi

Zero Waste Europe Changemakers: Polish Zero Waste Association (PZWA)

Polish Zero Waste AssociationZWE Changemakers

Every month, the ZWE Changemakers’ campaign highlights a member organisation from across Europe. This month we introduce you the Polish Zero Waste Association:

The Polish Zero Waste Association promotes actively the principles of the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle) and works towards advancing the concept of a circular economy in Poland. Active for the past 8 years, this association focuses on altering public perceptions of resources, discouraging waste generation at its origin, advocating for a lifestyle devoid of waste, and steering production and consumption practices towards a circular economy.

To accomplish its mission, the organisation disseminates knowledge and provides tools to support individuals, institutions, and businesses. Additionally, it acts as a representative for communities engaged in environmentally beneficial activities.

Get to know them and check their inspiring initiatives: