07 Oct 2022

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ZWE Staff

Zero Waste Europe Changemakers: Friends of the Earth Cyprus

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Each month, our ZWE Changemakers campaign sheds a spotlight on one of our member organisations.

This month, we shed a spotlight on Friends of the Earth Cyprus.

Established in 1980, the organisation has years of experience in campaigning on local, national and international environmental issues. It works tirelessly on the protection of ecological diversity, to halt and reverse environmental degradation, and to support the transition to sustainable and socially just communities.

Follow in more detail the work by Friends of the Earth Cyprus here.

Project Highlight:

The Life FOODprint, by Friends of the Earth Cyprus and Zero Food Waste Cyprus addresses the environmental problem of food loss or waste.  It does so through:

  • Awareness on the scale of the food waste problem in the hospitality and food industries in Cyprus
  • Training professionals and students of the food and hospitality industry to adopt more sustainable practices for food waste reduction and prevention
  • Strengthening the collaboration between actors of the food supply chain and social actors for using supplementary food for ‘social food donation initiative’
  • Supporting local authorities to create enabling policy environments that stimulate food waste prevention and reduction

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