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A final push on the Waste Directive: our letter to the European Ministries

by Roberta Arbinolo
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The final stage of the negotiations on the EU Waste Directive is fast approaching, as the European Council’s Working Party on the Environment is discussing the last amendments. Zero Waste Europe, together with an alliance of European-wide civil society organisations, is calling on all national Ministries to urgently support ambitious measures in three key areas:

  1. a 50% reduction target for marine litter
  2. a 50% reduction target for food waste across the whole production and consumption chain (so called from farm to fork)
  3. a 70% recycling target.

Share the joint letter and join us in this last push for an ambitious EU Waste Directive!

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There are 2 comments
  1. What is not recycled is dispersed in Nature, our primary resource for products inputs: we MUST stop this and take full control of the loop.

  2. Jan Pieck

    Replace necessary plastic (e.g. for hygienic reasons) by no-degradable plastic. Ban throw away bottles.

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