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Training on management of organic waste for Romanian civil society and local experts

On December 7 and 8 took place in Cluj, Romania, a training for local councilors, activists and entrepreneurs aimed at empowering local communities to properly manage their biowaste.

The training was given by the international Austrian expert Dr Florian Amlinger and the participants were trained on legislation, technologies and logistics to manage biowaste in a way that was suitable for the local conditions in Transilvania.

It is expected that after this training a number of decentralsied projects to separately collect and locally manage biowaste will be implemented in the area. Representatives from the city of Cluj also commented the possibility to implement separate collection of biowaste in the biggest city in the region.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 17.11.28This training will also make possible that those towns in the region that committed to advance towards zero waste will see in separate collection biowaste its first milestone.

The training was a success and fruits are to be reaped during the years to come.

EU FlagZero Waste Europe gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from the European Union LIFE program of DG Environment which co-financed this tour.

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