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ZeroPlasticWeek Challenge is now!


10 Jun 2013

Written by

Joan Marc


We use so much plastic! Plastic waste that ends up in our oceans!
Fish eat plastic and we eat fish…… Buying less plastic = less plastic waste!

From Monday, 10 June 2013, 00:00 hrs, until Sunday, 16 June 2013, 23:59 hrs we are going to shop plastic-free! No new plastic for a whole week. You may use plastic which you already have, e.g., your toothbrush, sandwich bags, and your body scrub. But if it’s used up you will be facing a challenge!

This also includes food which is wrapped in plastic. You can make things yourself, a week without plastics or an alternative which is not wrapped in plastic can be a solution. Get creative and create plastic-free situations!

Share photos, movie clips, tips and tricks on Facebook and Twitter so that others can see what a fabulous Zero Plastic Hero you are.

Did you know that a new continent was discovered? A continent the size of France and Spain together. Without the presence of humans, animals, or nature, but only made from plastic! Have you already heard about this plastic soup? We have, and we are very concerned about the pollution of the Earth by increasing plastic waste.

Plastic needs 450 years to decompose, even though most plastic is only used for a very brief amount of time. Not very clever, is it? And seriously: Why does a cucumber or a pepper really need a plastic sleeve?

A lot of our plastic waste ends up in our immediate environment and ultimately in the ocean. Only a small amount gets recycled.

We want to make you aware of this global issue of concern and at the same time decrease plastic consumption.

What’s the plan? With as many people as possible we refuse to buy any plastic between 10 and 16 June 2013. A whole week without plastic – can you do it? Or: Do you accept the challenge? Will you participate in the Zero Plastic Week?

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