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Kick off of the Citizens Initiative for a Italian Zero Waste Law 2020!

Capannori was the first European town to adhere the Zero Waste goal for 2020, will Italy also be the first EU country to pass a ZW law?

On March 27 the Draft Citizen Law on Zero Waste for the whole of Italy was presented to the Italian court. The citizens initiative aims at collecting 100,000 signatures (a minimum of 50,000 is necessary to be legally acceptable).

In order to organise the collection of signatures 14 citizen committees have been created and 6 more are underway. If you want to sign please click here to see where is the closest place.

The proposal for a Zero Waste law aims at a total reform of how the waste is collected and treated in Italy and is based upon; sustainability, environment, health, jobs and participation.

The collection of signatures has started on April 2nd and all political parties have been invited to support a Zero Waste law and expand the success of the growing number of Zero Waste communitties in the country.

Zero Waste Italy

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