Waste Policy

Door-to-door Separate Collection Guide


13 Jun 2011

Written by

Joan Marc Simon


Want to implement a Zero Waste separate collection strategy in your municipality and don’t know how? The “Manual de Recogida Selectiva Puerta a Puerta” is what you need.

The Catalan Association of Door-to-Door Municipalities has published a new version of the Manual of door-to-door separate collection in which the experts in door-to-door separate collection in Catalonia explain how implementing a door-to-door separate collection system:

– can increase the separate collection from 30-40 (road-container collection) to 70-80% (with door-to-door),

– can increase the quality of the recovered materials,

– can reduce the disposal costs by considerably reducing the residual fraction of the waste.

In the book there are practical examples of how a door-to-door separate collection should not cost more than a normal comingled collection yet provide a lot higher material recovery rate.

The book focuses in the reality in Spain and it is written in Spanish but for those who can read Spanish or Catalan (the original version was in Catalan) this is worth a read.

You can download it free of charge here or just by clicking on the picture.