The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Is zero waste really possible at home?

Here is how to get started...

As people constantly try to reduce their costs, optimise their day-to-day and go “smart”, “Zero Waste” is becoming a trend and creating the buzz across Europe and beyond.

Is Zero Waste really possible at home? It all starts with purchasing decisions, proper planning and setting up a system for what and how materials enter your home in the first place.

There are multiple blogs, videos and books that have been published to help people transition towards the Zero Waste lifestyle.

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In the end it is mostly a matter of conscious shopping and proper waste separation at home.
Our cities and municipal waste management systems still have a long way to go to mainstream Zero Waste and our mission is to drive this discussion at the European level.

Until then, there are many things you can do to cut your costs, live smarter and reduce your environmental footprint. We hope you enjoy the resources listed here above.

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