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Check out our selection of blogs covering tips for helping your family live a more zero waste lifestyle. If you are looking for more information about going zero waste make sure to check out our introduction to the zero waste lifestyle, and resources on how to get there!

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Resources for the zero waste family

Meet our members – Rezero

Meet our members – Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

Looking for a summer read?

Meet our members – Retorna

Shift your perspective with “SILO” – A food system for the future

Are You Ready For Summer?

Press Release: European organisations call for prioritisation of sustainable food policy by new Commission President and Vice President

Spotlight on Sustainable Development: reshaping governance to reduce the production and consumption of plastics

Plastic Bag Free Campaign in Ukraine: from a local initiative to a national campaign

Go for reusables in July

Meet our members – Hnutí DUHA

Waterkant 2019: a festival truly Zero Waste

Meet our members – Polish Zero Waste Association

“A Fistful of Rubbish”: a new Western documentary set in the Tabernas

Open letter to the lead candidates for the role of European Commission President

The Story of RePack, A simple solution to the growing problem of e-commerce waste

Meet our members – Zero Waste Switzerland

Periods: time to ditch the disposables

Tips for a zero waste Carnival

A zero waster’s love story: reconciling different habits

Meet our members – Zero Waste Austria

Food Systems: a ‘recipe’ for food waste prevention

We wish you a merry Christmas – and a zero waste one!

2 weeks to Christmas – The Gift of Time

eReuse: how to dramatically increase reuse and recycling rates in the WEEE sector

3 weeks to Christmas – ZERO plastics Christmas

4 weeks to Christmas – Zero Waste Presents

Citizen initiative ‘For Clean Sofia without Incineration’ provides the European Investment Bank with 7 good reasons to stop financing a new incinerator

Zero Waste reaches the Baltic sea!

On the path to Zero Waste Cities – the case of Organic Waste, International Conference in Brussels

Single-use plastics?
We must talk PERIOD

Food Waste Prevention : Bruges says “no” to food floating down its canals

Meet the FreiburgCup: paving the way for zero waste coffee to go

Coffee to go? Freiburg says tschüss to single-use cups!

Recircle: who said that take-away food cannot be zero waste?

How to make your kids’ party plastic-free, and have fun

Plastic pollution: countries show their true colours on the International Plastic Bag Free Day

Food to go? Bye bye to single-use containers! – New Case Study

Virtuous Municipalities to Starbucks: please do not use disposable cups in Italy

The Conscious Cup Campaign: a citizen-driven zero waste solution

#IAmCoco: An award-winning campaign from Rezero

Disco Soup: curbing food waste by throwing a better party

Beyond single-use plastic: a new era for European businesses is within reach

Eat it, don’t waste it! Best blogs on foodwaste in Central Europe

Rising to the challenge of plastic Freebruary

New year, new beginnings: Will the Commission deliver an ambitious Plastic strategy?

Circular Economy for the young? Lithuanian NGO takes zero waste to school

Time to wake up and smell the coffee: 6 zero waste coffee solutions

Ireland’s first zero waste festival

EU trainees are hacking disposable plastic cups

Beyond the super worms: one simple step you can take to stop plastic pollution

#Designed4Trash award: Styrofoam Containers

How to save the world, one reusable bag at a time

More Tourists Equals More Waste

The beginning of the end for the plastic bag in Tunisia? – Zero Waste Tunisia

From waste to taste: Funghi Espresso brings new life to used coffee grounds

Press Release: New zero waste Roubaix case study shows ‘where there is a will there is a way’

The Zero Waste Festival, the place to be for zero waste advocates

Amazing results of “The Power of Compost” competition

Alternatiba: grass-roots alternatives to climate change

Highlights from Zero Waste Week

Power of Compost: Video Competition

Plastic Bag Free Day 2015 Global Round-up

Fill in Bellies Not Bins – Disco Soup in Manchester

Let’s clean up Europe!

Arts, fashion and zero waste

1st Zero Waste Fair in the Philippines

Initiatives to reduce food waste

Final Destination Pata Rât – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure