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In May 2019 the EU formally approved a pioneer legislation to curb single-use plastics - and no, it is not just about banning straws. This paper presents an overview of the new Single-Use Plastics Directive, and our recommendations for an effective implementation at the national level.

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How Zero Waste and online shopping work together?
RePack is a closed-loop system that can reduce ecommerce packaging by 96%
while providing the same consumer experience as the disposable one.

Available in English and French


The Romanian Ministry of Environment's new integrated waste management project does not comply with zero waste
principles, and promote obsolete technologies that are far from circular. Read our open letter.

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The new study identifies how to best measure waste prevention and what are the most useful policies to minimise waste generation.


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Environmental NGOs call on the European Parliament to ensure EU funding leapfrogs fossil fuel use to renewable energy and energy savings.

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Our latest report assesses the residual waste treatment capacity of fourteen countries at risk of missing the 2020 targets for reuse and recycling, and includes recommendations to develop their waste management system in line with a circular economy.

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Le Maroc fait actuellement face à une crise des décharges liée notamment aux odeurs que celles-ci provoquent. Pour y remédier, le pays se penche vers des projets de construction d'incinérateurs. Zero Waste Europe invite le Maroc à s’inspirer des systèmes et technologies qui fonctionnent dans le cadre d'une économie circulaire. Available in French.


We want our products to be long-lasting, repairable, recyclable and toxic-free. Here are our recommendations to rethink EU product policy and improve product design with circularity in mind.

Available in English


Food Waste is an economic, environmental, social and ethical issue.
The strategy to tackle it has to cover the whole food system from crop to compost.
Read the Zero Waste Europe Policy Briefing on Food Systems.

Available in English and in Hungarian



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