The price is right… or is it? The case for taxing plastics

An ambitious set of taxes designed to influence both producer and consumer behaviour can help Europe curb plastic pollution by encouraging both plastic reduction and greater recycling. ZWE & the Rethink Plastic alliance make the case for taxing plastics.

Available in English.

Reusable & toxic-free menstrual products

While disposable sanitary products come at a high cost for women and the environment, but better solutions exist!

#breakfreefromplastic made an infographic on how reusable and toxic-free alternatives will make women’s lives better while protecting the environment for all.

Available in English.

Why “bioplastics” won’t solve plastic pollution

The so called “bioplastics” are still plastics, and neither bio-based nor bio-degradable plastics will solve the plastic pollution crisis. The Rethink Plastic alliance made an infographic to illustrate why.

Available in English