Congratulations Alessio Ciacci, Green person fo the year 2012 in Italy


02 Jan 2013


The councilor for the environment of the town of Capannori, Alessio Ciacci, has been voted Personaggio Ambiente 2012 in Italy.  Capannori, province of Lucca, Italy, was the first town in Europe to declare the goal of Zero Waste in 2008. Since then it has been at the forefront of innovative and radical best practices in waste collection, treatment and prevention. From the City Hall Alessio has been a paramount piece to make this happen.This represents a victory for the Zero Waste movement in Italy but also in the rest of Europe and the world. The basis of Capannori’s success has been citizen participation and the collaboration between politicians such as Alessio and commited citizens. As Alessio puts it “Politics is only politics if it manages to raise awareness, if it encourages citizen participation, if it manages to increase the protagonism of the communitty … Utopy is not a dream of a few idealists but something to be built with everyday choices and actions, taking responsibility for every little thing”.

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