Zero Waste Montenegro

The mission of Zero Waste Montenegro is to raise awareness and lobby to change laws and behaviors to stop littering and reduce waste production.


Methodologies involve alternatives to single-use products and packaging, reusing and recycling discarded materials at the source, and moving away from waste incineration* and land-filling.


Our vision is part of the global ecological transition, acting with respect for human rights and better consideration of the most disadvantaged and future generations.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • Implementing a broad project on plastic waste reduction at two public institutions.


  • Wide awareness-raising campaign on Single-Use Plastic (SUP) and effects of plastic leakages into the environment – Successful International coastal cleanup and waste audit 2019.


  • Started lobbying on Deposit Return System implementation with the government.


  • Increased awareness in the country on SUP and waste management issues by citizens and institutions.


  • We have been recognised as Montenegrin leading NGO regarding waste management issues (numerous TV, radio and news interviews, consultations with national Ministry, EBRD, GIZ, national and regional organisations).

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Law on plastic bags/Single-Use Plastic ban being adopted by the government after years of lobbying by Zero Waste Montenegro Working on a project proposal establishing the first Zero Waste Municipality in Montenegro through IPA and other cross-border projects.


  • Nation-wide lobbying on Deposit Return System implementation (possibly developing a business case for it).


  • Developing and conducting educational sessions and training to the Horeca and business sector on the reduction of Single-Use Plastic and other plastics.


  • Project proposal on creating Zero Waste Cities Working Group for the South and South-East of Europe with our colleagues from Zero Waste Europe network.


  • Continued awareness-raising campaigns on SUP and effects of plastic leakages into the environment.


  • Working on improving communication on separate waste collection in public institutions.


  •  Organising international coastal cleanup and waste audit 2020.

Podgorica, Montenegro

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