United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

The United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) opposes the incineration of waste, including via gasification, pyrolysis and cement kilns. Incineration depresses recycling, destroys valuable resources, releases greenhouse gasses, and is a waste of money. Incineration has no place in the zero waste closed-loop circular economy towards which we should be working.


Founded in March 2007, UKWIN’s role is to help individuals and groups to develop the case against incineration, and in doing so support the UK-wide movement in favour of more sustainable waste management. UKWIN’s current membership includes more than 85 local groups campaigning against waste incineration and in favour of zero waste.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • Revamped website.


  • Supporting emerging local campaigns, including in North London, Hampshire and Corby.


  • Helping campaigners with planning objections, call-in requests, planning inquiries, environmental permit applications, and/or information request tribunals.


  • Supporting residents to hold existing incinerator operators to account.


  • Working with fellow member organisations of the Greener UK alliance, including attending meetings and events, and participating in press releases and national campaigning.


  • Ongoing co-ordination and information exchanges with Biofuelwatch, Zero Waste Europe, GAIA, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Plume Plotter.


  • UKWIN was quoted or mentioned in national, local and trade press publications.


  • Took part in various Government consultations, including a submission to Defra’s 25 Year Plan Indicators consultation, raising concerns that the climate change indicator improperly excluded the adverse impacts of waste incineration; written evidence to Defra’s consultation on reforming UK’s packaging producer responsibility system, and written evidence to the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee (HCLGCOM).


  • Also supported Zero Waste Europe on their work with respect to the revision to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) and the consultation responses for EU Taxonomy Regulation and the Climate Bonds Initiative Delivered ‘Climate Change Impacts of Waste Incineration in the UK’ webinar to GAIA and answered questions, took part in a round table discussion on Labour’s emerging waste and resources policy at Portcullis House, and attended the ‘Time is Now’ climate action.


  • Hosted national gathering of anti-incineration campaigners with more than 30 participants from across the UK travelling to Friends of the Earth’s London offices to discuss local and national campaigning (with travel expenses covered by Lush). The event included providing attendees with early access to the new website so that it could be discussed, with comments and suggestions informing the launch version of the website and subsequent improvements, including ideas for additional content.

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Influencing Government policy, including through responding to the Environment Bill and to any revision of national waste planning policies in conjunction with the Resources and Waste Policy.


  • Continuing to build on the momentum of an increasing number of MPs calling for an incineration tax and a moratorium on new waste incineration capacity in the UK.


  • Maintaining the currency of the information available on the UKWIN website, in particular the table of potential, existing, and prevented incinerators.


  • Continuing to support emerging and established local campaigns with forthcoming planning inquiries, planning objections, environmental permit applications, etc.


  • Raising UKWIN’s profile amongst Parliamentarians, decision-makers, and the national media.

London, United Kingdom

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