Retorna is a Spanish environmental non-profit, non-governmental institution established in 2010 in Barcelona, with a national and international area of work.

We focus on the huge problem of beverage containers abandoned in our natural and urban places, and ask our politicians to legislate in favor of a law that permits citizens to be able to take their empty bottles back to the store.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • Approval of the Baleares waste law: one of the most ambitious laws in terms of plastic ban, DRS, EPR, limits on incineration, etc.
  • Lobbying at state level and in other regions for ambitious plastic legislation and Zero Waste measures, including DRS.
  • Meetings with industry to close gaps and get some on board

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Get plastic and Zero Waste issueds in the elections (national, regional and municipal as well as EU
  • Continue corporate work

Barcelona, Spain

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