Humusz Waste Prevention Alliance

The objective of Humusz is to make sustainable production and consumption an everyday practice in Hungary. We work in order to create the will, to disseminate the knowledge required and to develop the societal, economic and environmental framework of conditions needed. In this regard we consider civil communities, teachers and students, municipalities attending higher education to be our outstanding allies.


Our tools on the way to zero waste include the provision of information, education and consulting, the research for good practices, developing and establishing waste prevention examples and good practices, and the stimulation of community co-operations.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • Compost programme: at our community composting site we composted more than 2 tons of biowaste and we have given out 80 pieces of compost bin.
  • 2 social media communication campaigns: Plastic Fast in March and Green Christmas Calendar in December
  • Education programme: we had given workshops to more than 30 groups, organized a training program for teachers and worked together with the local municipality in their green kindergarten program (did waste analysis at 2 kindergartens and did survey at all places), Compost Day programme for kindergartens and schools
  • Humusz's own programmes: cloths swapping, "green talks", Plastic Free Picnic, Straw Free Garden Cinema, People's Design Workshop
  • Awareness raising programmes at various events, festivals
  • Expertise work: membership at National Environmental Council, working together with universities
  • Office greening projects: waste analysis, presentations, exhibitions

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Social media communication campaigns: Plastic Fast meets Game of Thrones
  • Education programme: development of training for teachers; working together with local municipality on kindergartens and nurseries (waste analysis, survey, trainings)
  • Keep working on office greening projects for companies

Budapest, Hungary

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