Center for Environmental Solutions

The Center for Environmental Solutions (CES) is a non-profit non-governmental institution established in 2009 to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle, principles of sustainable development and the development of international cooperation for environmental protection.

The organization is actively involved in international efforts to protect the environment and human health. The initiators of the organization were a group of people, consisting of volunteers, environmental activists, experts in the field of environmental protection (in particular, in the field of waste and chemical safety).

In its activities CES uses variety of methods to promote its ideas to protect the environment: from children’s interactive exhibitions to regional infrastructure projects in cooperation with local authorities. In addition to the active work to educate and inform the population, CES takes a proactive stance to promote environmentally-friendly solutions at the legislative level in Belarus, carries a serious analytical work on ecologically significant or questions.

Victories and key actions

A selection of the latest achievements of our member...
  • International Conference on Environmental Friendliness, where they were able to gather representatives of businesses and initiatives that work towards Zero Waste and Microplastic Companies.
  • Creation of a Zero Waste map with all the places where you can buy goods without packaging.
  • Participation in the development of the concept of Deposit-Pledge System

Main focus and objectives

A selection of the expected results of our member...
  • Campaign against an incinerator
  • Plastic reduction
  • Educational measures on Zero Waste (mobile Zero Waste exhibition)

Minsk, Belarus

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