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Curtis Palmer (CC BY 2.0)

Incredible! Over the last few weeks many of us have donated to support this campaign to challenge useless and harmful product designs worldwide. The fundraising campaign has now ended, but we are still accepting donations to meet the target!

Even the smallest communities can change the wasteful practices of large, wealthy corporations.

It happened in 2011, when a group of grassroots activists in the small town of Capannori, Italy took on the international coffee giant Lavazza – and won.

The people of Capannori were horrified to discover that 12,000 tonnes of disposable, non-recyclable coffee capsules were clogging up their landfills, and they decided to do something about it.

After confronting Lavazza about this issue, the company invited the community group to collaborate in redesigning its coffee capsules.

This story has a positive ending. However, other communities like Capannori need our support in challenging companies who are locked into design and production systems that result in huge amounts of waste, products filled with toxins, and products which are difficult to repair, reuse or recycle.

YOU have a key role to play in winning more victories to eliminate unnecessary and harmful products.

To help make this happen, Zero Waste Europe wants to develop “The People’s Design Lab” – an innovative, ground-breaking project that empowers community groups across Europe like Capannori to challenge wasteful product designs around the world.

We created The People’s Design Lab because a staggering 80% of a product’s environmental impact is determined in the concept and design phase.

Our goal in the next 3 weeks is to raise €8,000 in order to launch The People’s Design Lab in June 2016. This is where passionate supporters of the environment like you come in.

If we all donate a small amount, here’s what we could do:

  • Help identify and expose wasteful products for redesign.
  • Run multi-stakeholder redesign sessions online or on the ground to rethink
    or redesign bad products.
  • Engage with manufacturers in constructive conversations or alternatively
    lobby or input into needed policy change areas.
  • Ultimately, get positive changes implemented that support a move towards a
    zero waste economy and better use of resources.

The people of Capannori were fortunate. Can you help ensure the same success for other communities, and reduce waste by thousands of tons annually?

We need your help to make this happen. End wasteful product designs and help communities like Capannori. We cannot do it with you.


Support the People’s Design Lab!


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image byCurtis Palmer (CC BY 2.0) edits by ZWE