By bringing communities together in impactful partnerships, Zero Waste Cities are the vehicle for the change that Europe so urgently needs. Our framework, when tailored to each local context, is proven not only to significantly reduce waste, but to save costs for municipalities and help create a thriving local economy. Our active network of zero waste experts across Europe ensure that no matter where a city is based or it’s starting point, they will be able to join the Zero Waste Cities movement.” – Jack McQuibban, Head of Local Zero Waste Implementation at Zero Waste Europe

The Zero Waste Cities programme works with ZWE members to help guide and support European municipalities in the implementation of effective local zero waste strategies. 

The programme, done in collaboration with several local ZWE members, provides the tools, knowledge and expert mentoring required for municipalities who wish to become zero waste and reap the benefits of doing so – whether environmental, economic or social ones. 

Whichever stage your city is at, the Zero Waste Cities programme has the resources and knowledge to help ensure local zero waste strategies are impactful and community-led.