We live in a global community, and we all share one planet. Zero waste is a global, diverse, and inclusive movement, reaching far beyond European borders. Our role in ZWE is to ensure our actions in Europe have the best possible impact all over the world, working side-by-side with communities, organisations, experts and policy-makers.” – Mariel Vilella, Director of Global Strategy at Zero Waste Europe

ZWE’s Global Strategy programme aims to ensure that European zero waste best practices and advances on EU policy, ZW business models, city and grassroots fronts are positively taken on board to develop environmental policy and practice around the globe, effectively promoting the zero waste vision and implementation while preventing the expansion of European waste incineration technologies in the Global South.

The Global Strategy programme works in collaboration with other GAIA regional offices, members and allies all over the world to pursue strategic targets and ensure a coherent and collaborative approach to international policy and campaigning. with specific projects and collaborations in different regions

Furthermore, our work seeks to increase the visibility and connectivity within the global zero waste movement, in particular making sure that the European audiences are well informed about the advances of zero waste in the Global South.