Nobody should have to worry about toxic chemicals making their way into our food and drinks. Yet, immense evidence proves that harmful substances in food packaging are putting consumers safety at risk. We need more protective EU regulations to make toxic-free food contact materials a reality – for the sake of our health, environment, and circular economy.” – Dorota Napierska, Toxic-Free Circular Economy Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe

The way we produce, distribute and consume our food at the moment is detrimental to our environment and our health. Single-use food packaging and tableware are not only damaging our environment, creating waste and pollution, they are also threatening our health, as they can contain hazardous chemicals that migrate from the packaging to the food and eventually our bodies. Exposure to those hazardous chemicals notably impacts our hormonal, nervous and immune systems.

This is why, at Zero Waste Europe, we are working with partners to secure ambitious laws that ensure products and packaging are long-lasting, reusable and toxic-free. A truly circular economy can only be toxic-free.