Product Redesign

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Most of us have our homes filled with toxic chemicals present in packaging, furniture, or floorings. We can’t make responsible choices when buying clothes, IT equipment, or toys. When shopping, it is impossible to know whether a product is safe, repairable, recyclable, or durable… the system is broken.
As a principle, if a product or packaging cannot be safely used, repaired, reused, and recycled at the end of its life, the producer should not be making it. This is why we work upstream to redesign products so that they are toxic-free, circular, and contribute to regenerating ecosystems instead of parasitising them.

Prevention and Reuse

Preventing waste from being generated by making stuff last longer, repairing it or using packaging that can be refilled and reused makes environmental and common sense. Why have these activities declined over the last decades then? We focus our work on making prevention and reuse the new normal.” – Joan Marc Simon, Director-Founder at Zero Waste Europe


Almost all packaging sectors are currently dependent on single-use packaging, and this comes at a huge cost for the environment and for society. Reuse packaging systems present great opportunities for the environment, for people and for the economy.” – Larissa Copello, Packaging & Reuse Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe

Food Contact Materials

Nobody should have to worry about toxic chemicals making their way into our food and drinks. Yet, immense evidence proves that harmful substances in food packaging are putting consumers safety at risk. We need more protective EU regulations to make toxic-free food contact materials a reality – for the sake of our health, environment, and circular economy.” – Dorota Napierska, Toxic-Free Circular Economy Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe


Addressing the issue of single-use baby nappies requires a systemic approach from their production to their disposal, and legislation plays a key role in making the transition towards better, safer and circular nappies for everyone.” – Larissa Copello, Packaging & Reuse Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe

Menstrual Items

If there is one issue at the intersection of health, environment, and people’s empowerment, that issue is menstruation.” – Larissa Copello, Packaging & Reuse Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe