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Current campaigns


From 1 January 2024, it’s mandatory for EU Member States to separately collect bio-waste. Yet, this requirement is currently not being met or only being done in a very poor manner across many Member States. Our #ForkToFarm campaign aims to raise awareness of the need and benefits of implementing effective bio-waste management models at the local level.

International Zero Waste Day Campaign

In 2022, the UN endorsed the designation of March 30th as International Zero Waste Day. Annually, Member States, United Nations organisations, civil society groups, the private sector, academia, youth, and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in activities geared towards promoting awareness of national, subnational, regional, and local zero-waste initiatives, highlighting their role in advancing sustainable development goals.

2024 European Parliament elections – our pledge for a zero waste Europe

Ahead of the  2024 European Parliament elections, Zero Waste Europe calls on the decision makers to commit to the principles of sufficiency, resilience, and wellbeing for the next mandate. 

By signing our pledge, Members of the European Parliament will support comprehensive policies to make a zero waste Europe a living, widespread reality.

The #GETBACK campaign

To achieve the EU sustainability and climate goals, a shift in the way we consume and produce products and materials needs to urgently change. The revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation represents an opportunity to transform how Europe packages and distributes its products, moving the focus away from just recycling. We need the EU to support this transition by putting in place regulatory measures focused on waste prevention and reuse.  – Larissa Copello, Packaging & Reuse Policy Officer at Zero Waste Europe