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A selection of blogs on zero waste in cities

Check out our collection of blogs covering all aspects of helping your city to go zero waste! If you are looking for ways to drive your city towards zero waste make sure to take a look at other resources on our website including our publications and the Zero Waste Cities Masterplan.

Resources for cities
Zero Waste Masterplan

Meet our members – Special Edition – Meet our Scientific Coordinator: Enzo Favoino!

Meet the Mission Zero Academy: an accelerator of ambitious zero waste transitions at the local level

International Women’s Day 2021

Meet our members – Center for Environmental Solutions

Meet our members – Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine

Meet our members – Zero Waste Italy

Meet our members – Humusz

Meet our members – Ziedine Ekonomika

No Time To Waste: Consumption and the Cost for the Climate

Meet our members – ZERO

Zelena akcija journey towards Plastic Free July

Tara and the Magic Tree: a journey in the world of zero waste

Meet our members – Zero Waste Belgium

Meet our members – Zero Waste Latvija

Meet our members – Alianza Residuo Cero

Living better, living waste free

FAQ on COVID-19 and zero waste

Meet our members – VOICE Ireland

Meet our members – Zero Waste France

Empowered women empower women!

Meet our members – Friends of the Earth Cyprus

Meet our members – Zelena Akcija (Green Action) / Zero Waste Croatia

Looking for a read to warm up the winter?

Are you ready for 2020? Our #WinterWasteWishes collection for a winter season, and a year, without waste!

Meet our members – Zero Waste Montenegro

Ready to lead Europe towards a zero waste future

Meet our members – Let’s do it Macedonia!

Meet our members – Rezero

Meet our members – Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

How to beat incineration: a story from Portugal

Communities and Climate Change: how a zero waste approach can take us closer to zero emissions

The Story of Sălacea

Looking for a summer read?

Meet our members – Retorna

Meet our members – Hnutí DUHA

Waterkant 2019: a festival truly Zero Waste

Meet our members – Polish Zero Waste Association

Open letter to the lead candidates for the role of European Commission President

Meet our members – Zero Waste Switzerland

Discarded: Communities on the Frontlines of the Global Plastic Crisis

The FoodWIN Food Waste festival: what are the solutions to effectively tackle food waste?

Zero Waste France takes on the reconstruction of Ivry-Paris incinerator

Revolutionary: Zlarin becomes the first Croatian plastic-free island!

Meet our members – Za Zemiata

Friends of the Earth Cyprus post-parade recycling operation in Limassol, Cyprus

Zero Waste Cashel wins silver at the LAMA Awards for Best Waste Management

Fixing the EU WEEE legislation: why and how the EU should say “no” to export?

Three new Zero Waste municipalities in Croatia!

Meet our members – Zero Waste Austria

Food Systems: a ‘recipe’ for food waste prevention

Meet our members – Ecological Recycling Society (ECOREC)

eReuse: how to dramatically increase reuse and recycling rates in the WEEE sector

Zero Waste Study Tour 2018: turning the Circular Economy vision into reality

Citizen initiative ‘For Clean Sofia without Incineration’ provides the European Investment Bank with 7 good reasons to stop financing a new incinerator

Zero Waste reaches the Baltic sea!

On the path to Zero Waste Cities – the case of Organic Waste, International Conference in Brussels

Meet our members – UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

Food Waste Prevention : Bruges says “no” to food floating down its canals

Meet our members – Zero Waste North West

Žiedinė Ekonomika leads a Lithuanian delegation to discover how food waste is treated in North Italy.

Meet the FreiburgCup: paving the way for zero waste coffee to go

Global cities support Zero Waste pledge but avoid consistent commitments

Coffee to go? Freiburg says tschüss to single-use cups!

Meet our members – Amigos de la Tierra

Madrid plans to phase out incineration by 2025

Food to go? Bye bye to single-use containers! – New Case Study

Virtuous Municipalities to Starbucks: please do not use disposable cups in Italy

Let Europe export only the practices we are proud of

Interview: Hotel Ribno – The first zero waste hotel in Slovenia

Eat it, don’t waste it! Best blogs on foodwaste in Central Europe

A farewell to roadside containers in Barcelona?

Europe at crossroads: After the Chinese ban on plastic waste imports, what now?

Sardinia paves the way towards Zero Waste on islands

Bulgaria’s Air Pollution Problem: Could it get any Worse?

Parma and the Zero Waste Masterplan

An active local community, a contaminated hen and a dirty industrial process: a story from Monselice

In Mexico: time to end ‘sacrifice zones’

French city of Besançon saves €800,000 through extensive use of decentralised composting

Circular Economy? Member States want it ‘despacito’

New year, new beginnings: Will the Commission deliver an ambitious Plastic strategy?

Veolia, a European company exporting trouble

Circular Economy for the young? Lithuanian NGO takes zero waste to school

A victory for clean air and zero waste in Madrid, still pending implementation

The dirty business of waste-to-energy subsidies: a story from Bilbao

Copenhagen goes all in on incineration, and it’s a costly mistake

Sardinia rocks at waste management! We went on a field trip to discover why.

Big VICTORY: Under public pressure, waste incinerator was kicked out of the Spatial Plan of Zagreb!

Zero waste leaders share best practice in Lithuania

Sign-on Letter to the Green Climate Fund

How a simple 40-day experiment rocked my world

Scotland adopts a deposit for beverages that paves the way for the EU Strategy on Plastics

Ireland’s first zero waste festival

EU trainees are hacking disposable plastic cups

Sadiq Khan pledges to make London zero waste

Sardinia demonstrates that islands can achieve zero waste

Ecopulplast project holds steering board meeting in Capannori

An 80 year old activist, a volcano in the sea, and a banana peel cruise ship

Study shows climate benefits from separate collection of organics

Sweden’s Recycling (D)evolution

Nepal: Waste and Transformation in the Himalayas

IPEN PRESS RELEASE: At UN meeting, Canada and Chile stand alone trying to legitimize e-waste dumping and promote recycling of toxic chemical into children’s products

The Solution: Zero Waste Conference, Madrid

More Tourists Equals More Waste

Zero Waste progress in Romania

Gipuzkoa continues to mobilise against incineration for health, environment and economy

Study tour to the Basque Country

Press Release: New zero waste Roubaix case study shows ‘where there is a will there is a way’

Fondos para “soluciones” insustentables: financiamiento climático alemán al sector de los residuos en el Sur Global

Cement industry in the spotlight in Spain

PRESS RELEASE: Valencia’s commitment to introduce a container deposit scheme, a step forward for Circular Economy in Europe

Press Release: International NGOs State Support for Impacted Communities from Waste Incineration in Cement Plants

The Italian recipe against food waste

What is the “State of the Art” after Malagrotta judgement?

The Zero Waste Festival, the place to be for zero waste advocates

Zero Waste News from Barcelona

Resourcing the future 2016, London

Building a culture of zero waste in Brussels

On World Environment Day, Majorca presents its plans to start moving away from incineration

New case study: Parma proves 70% recycling and 100kg residual waste can be achieved in only 4 years

Network of Zero Waste Towns meeting in Capannori

20,000 people oppose incineration in Florence

Human chain to stop incinerator in Gipuzkoa

Network of Zero Waste Towns Meeting in Ljubljana

European Investment Bank faces criticism over financing Cardiff incinerator

Gasteiz Zero Zabor respond to Vitoria-Gasteiz MSW Plan

Positive signs for zero waste in Madrid

Zero waste press conference against landfill in Debagoiena, Basque Country

Croatian municipalities adopt ‘Zero Waste 2020’ strategy

Zero Waste speeds up in Croatia after Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia Conference

Redesign Innovation Jam in Copenhagen

Zero Waste study tour of Spanish municipalities to Italian best practices

Training on management of organic waste for Romanian civil society and local experts

Press Release: Launch of map of European Zero Waste municipalities

Costa Rica doesn’t go for zero waste strategies to reduce emissions

Who Will Benefit from Colombia’s NAMA?

The First zero waste celebration of the annual gathering to support the Basque language

Gearing up for Paris! Our calendar of zero waste activities

‘Incineradoras No, Zero Waste Madrid’ in action!

Zero Waste ‘Dream Team’ on Tour

Sao Paulo Apuesta En Serio Por El Compstaje Domiciliario

Highlights from Zero Waste Week

Alappuzha India, Zero Waste Town

Boston Builds Solutions

São Paulo’s commitment to household composting

Earth First! Summer Gathering Fighting Incineration Workshop

Slovenian Cement Plant Stops Operations as Environmental Permit Fails Approval

Fill in Bellies Not Bins – Disco Soup in Manchester

Engaging Hong Kong on the Road to Zero Waste

New case study: The story of Gipuzkoa, the fastest transition towards Zero Waste in Europe

Pope Francis Embraces Zero Waste

Inspiring and powerful Zero Waste Gathering in Sofia

New case study: The story of Ljubljana, first Zero Waste capital in Europe!

The zero waste agenda for the Catalan elections

6th Spanish Gathering Against Waste Incineration in Cement Kilns

And the European waste champion is… Belgium!

European experts sign a Manifesto to boost a new model of food waste management in the Mediterranean basin

Zero Waste practices from San Francisco (USA) and Contarina (Italy) show transition is possible

New case study: The story of Contarina shows 85% recycling is possible!

1st Zero Waste Fair in the Philippines

Gipuzkoa to save €250 million after scrapping the construction of the incineration plant

The third phase of the Zero Waste Italy movement launched in Capannori

From China to Spain: all the way to Zero Waste

Zero Waste illuminates the Low-Carbon Development Path in China

Zero Waste present in World Resources Forum in Peru

European gathering against waste incineration in cement kilns

South African Waste Pickers on a Zero Waste Tour

Reporting the International Training on Organics Management

Ljubljana; first EU capital to adopt a Zero Waste strategy

And the best waste performing country in Europe is… Estonia!

Moulinot: closing the loop for restaurant food waste in Paris

Game over – Guipuzkoa’s incinerator

Successful launch of Zero Waste France in Paris

Zero Waste Europe Annual meeting – Bobigny/Paris 31.01 – 1/2.02.2014

The story of Capannori – A Zero Waste champion

European champions Priula and Treviso join the Zero Waste Europe network

ZW Best practices: Hernani

Kick off of the Citizens Initiative for a Italian Zero Waste Law 2020!

A Zero Waste world? Let’s Do It!

“TRASHED”: More than 600 people for the first screening in Italy

More incineration than trash to burn in the EU

Congratulations Alessio Ciacci, Green person fo the year 2012 in Italy

Final Destination Pata Rât – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

A Zero Waste program by Patagonia: The Common Threads Initiative

Mallorca; sun & waste!

Nappy Ever After, a laundry service for nappies

Successful launch of Zero Waste Romania in Cluj Napoca

The association of Italian Zero Waste towns has been created

Breaking the Barriers to Zero Waste: The Role of the Community

Florence Zero Waste Altermeeting: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REDESIGN

Zero Waste Week 2012 in the UK, 3 to 6 September

Zero Waste Altermeeting in Florence, September 2012

The first European university to ban bottled water?

On the Road to Zero Waste: Lessons from around the world

Successful ZWE congress in Donostia!

Zero Waste Europe Congress in Gipuzkoa

Annual Zero Waste Europe meeting in Gipuzkoa – 11-13th May 2012

Castelbuono – the town where even donkeys’ walk the Zero Waste path

Meeting on Zero Waste good practices in Sicily, Italy

Creation of the association of Italian Zero Waste communities in Capannori, Italy

A Zero Waste month in Sweden: 4 people = less than 1kg of waste !

Succesful Zero Waste event in Rome

Retorna – When waste has a value it stops being waste

“Beautiful politics is when the politicians work with the activists” – Zero Waste international meeting in Capannori

“Waste is a mistake, not a Resource” – ZW conference in Coventry, England

Meeting of Zero Waste municipalities in Capannori, Italy, 7-8-9th October 2011

Experiences from Zero Waste Europe presented at the annual CRRA conference in California

The first European Zero Waste Research Center – Capannori, Italy

Zero Waste growing in the UK

Zero Zabor – new Zero Waste groups in the Basque Country

A Zero Waste family is possible!

Meeting in Brussels of NGOs promoting the Zero Waste strategy for Europe

New Zero Waste Group in Sicily

Green jobs? Zero Waste is the way